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How to Create Affiliate Coupon Codes In SureCart

Affiliate coupons or promotion coupons are a common discount tactic used by e-commerce businesses to increase sales.

For instance, a YouTuber affiliate may share a coupon code with their viewers at the end of a video. Viewers can then use this coupon when purchasing discounted products from your store. 

This benefits both the customer, who can easily enjoy the discount during checkout, and the affiliate, who earns a commission on their sale. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

This article shows you how to create and use these affiliate coupons to boost your store sales.

Let’s begin!

Creating Affiliate Coupons

If you haven’t added any affiliates to your store yet, learn how to do this here.

  • Navigate to SureCart > Coupons, and click on the Add New button.
  • Provide a name, code, and discount amount that you want to provide. 
  • Select specific products that you want to apply this coupon for. If you want to apply the coupon on all products, leave Product Restrictions empty.
  • Finally, select your affiliate candidate from the Link to Affiliate dropdown.

When customers use this coupon to purchase store products, the selected affiliate will be rewarded with a commission.

Click on the Create Coupon button to generate this coupon. 

Once created, the coupon will appear in the individual affiliate’s profile at SureCart > Affiliates.

Note: Learn more about creating and using discount coupons in detail here.

How to Pay Affiliates Upon Successful Coupon Usage

If a customer uses the coupon code provided by the affiliate and completes a purchase in your store, it’s considered a successful referral from that affiliate. 

As a result, the affiliate who shared the code to this customer becomes eligible for a commission.

Verify the Affiliate Referral

To check whether the referral was conducted successfully, do the following:

  • Go to SureCart > Affiliates and select the affiliate you previously added for a discount coupon.
  • If the purchase was successful, the product will be added to the Referrals tab. Additionally, the coupon use will be incremented by the number of times it was used.
  • The purchase will also be visible at SureCart > Affiliates > Referrals. Approve, deny, or delete this referral as per your choice.

Paying Your Affiliates

Once the referral is approved, you can proceed to pay your affiliates. Here’s how to do this:

  • Head to SureCart > Affiliates > Payouts, and click the Add New button.
  • Select the affiliate candidate you want to pay along with the end period for processing the payout. 

Click on the Create button once done. SureCart will generate a list of all payouts that meet the specified criteria and assign them the Processing status.

Zero Commission Referrals

You can also decide whether to generate a referral from a checkout when the resulting referral earns zero commission. Enable this option for tracking referrals that don’t earn commissions, like when a customer uses a coupon code.

You can enable this option at SureCart Settings > Affiliates > Commissions & Payouts.

Note: You can do the same by logging into our SureCart platform. Explore the “Payouts” section in this article to learn more.

That’s all! Use these coupons to increase product sales and attract more affiliates. For any further assistance, please contact our support team.

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