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What are Upgrade Groups in SureCart?

The Upgrade Group in SureCart refers to a collection of related products or services that are offered as upgrades to the base product. These upgrades are designed to provide additional features, enhanced functionality, or improved performance compared to the standard version.

By bundling these upgrades together, you can create enticing upgrade packages that encourage your customers to choose a higher-tier option.

Long story short, SureCart’s Upgrade Groups feature empowers merchants to present upgrade options to their customers, thereby maximizing revenue and customer loyalty.

In this document, we will explain how you can set up upgrade groups for your customers. Let’s get started.

Understanding Upgrade Groups

When a customer views a product on a SureCart-powered website, they are presented with an option to explore upgrade possibilities. By selecting this option, they can view the available upgrade groups related to the base product. Each upgrade group consists of a set of upgrades that are relevant to the customer’s needs and preferences.

For instance, imagine you have implemented three subscription options on your website: Basic, Gold, and Platinum. The Basic plan is available for free, while the Gold plan costs $10 and the Platinum plan costs $20. The Upgrade Group feature provides users with the ability to upgrade from the Basic plan to either the Gold or Platinum plans.

The pricing and details of each upgrade are clearly presented, allowing the customer to make an informed decision. Once the upgrades are selected, the total price is updated, and the customer can proceed to the checkout process.

How Does an Upgrade Group Work?

Imagine a customer who has subscribed to the basic plan, which is free of charge, and now wishes to upgrade to the Gold membership plan. With SureCart’s Upgrade Group functionality, the process is straightforward. The customer simply needs to click on the upgrade option provided and proceed to pay the membership fee of $10 associated with the Gold membership.

Now, let’s consider a scenario where a customer is already a Gold member and decides to upgrade further to the Platinum plan on the same day they subscribed to the Gold membership. In this case, SureCart employs a fair and convenient approach.

The customer will only be required to pay the difference amount between the Gold membership ($10) and the Platinum membership ($20). SureCart recognizes that the customer has already paid for the Gold membership and does not charge them the full cost of the Platinum membership.

How to create the upgrade group?

Before you can create an upgrade group, you will need to create the products that you would like to add to the upgrade group. If you are not sure about creating products with SureCart, here is an article that will guide you through.

Once you have added the products, please follow the steps below to create an upgrade group.

Step 1: Navigate to the Products > Upgrade Groups.

Step 2: Click on the Add New button to add a new upgrade group.

Step 3: Enter a name for your upgrade group. Please note that the name that you will enter here will not be visible to the customers and is for internal reference only. Click on the Create button to save the group name.

Step 4: On the next page, you will need to enter the product details that you would like to include in this upgrade group. Please note that the customers will be able to switch between the products that you are adding to this upgrade group. Click on the Add Product button to start adding the products.

Step 5: You will get a pop-up on the screen with a drop-down to select the products. Select the product that you would like to add to this upgrade group and click on the Add Product button to add it to the list. Repeat this process until you have added all the products that you need to add to this upgrade group.

Step 6: Once you have added all the products, click the Save Group option in the top right corner to save the group.

That’s it. Your upgrade group is selected and is live. Customers now can switch between the three memberships by either upgrading or downgrading.

Benefits of Upgrade Group

Implementing the Upgrade Group feature in SureCart can yield several benefits for both you and your customers:

  • Increased Revenue: By offering upgrade options, you can upsell to customers, resulting in higher average order values and increased revenue.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Upgrade groups enable customers to personalize their purchases according to their specific requirements, leading to a more tailored and satisfying shopping experience.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty: By presenting customers with relevant upgrade options, you can strengthen customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Streamlined Shopping Process: Upgrade groups simplify the decision-making process for customers by providing a clear overview of available upgrades, pricing, and features.
  • Competitive Advantage: By incorporating the Upgrade Group feature, you can differentiate yourself from the competitors and offer a unique selling proposition to your customers.

Best Practices for Implementing Upgrade Group

  • Thoroughly Analyze Customer Data: Utilize data analytics to understand your customers’ preferences, purchase behavior, and browsing patterns. This information will help you create targeted upgrade groups that resonate with your customers.
  • Segment Your Products: Categorize your products into logical groups based on their features, functionalities, or performance levels. This segmentation will facilitate the creation of relevant upgrade groups.
  • Highlight Benefits and Value: Clearly communicate the benefits and value proposition of each upgrade option. Explain how the upgrades can enhance the customer’s experience and provide additional value.
  • Simplify the Decision-making Process: Ensure that the upgrade selection process is user-friendly and intuitive. Minimize friction points and provide sufficient information for customers to make informed decisions.
  • Regularly Review and Update: Continuously monitor the performance of your upgrade groups and make necessary adjustments based on customer feedback and market trends. Stay agile and responsive to changing customer needs.


The Upgrade Group feature in SureCart empowers you to offer product upgrades, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers. By bundling related upgrades together, you can present enticing options that cater to customers’ needs and preferences.

This personalized approach not only increases revenue but also strengthens customer loyalty and satisfaction. Implementing the Upgrade Group feature can provide businesses with a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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