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How To Make Test Payments

SureCart allows you to simulate transactions, without moving any money. We call this “Test Mode”. This lets you simulate how your forms and integrations will act in a real-life scenario without needing to shell out any cash.

SureCart takes a faceted approach to testing, meaning, test mode is not an all or nothing switch. Instead, you can change your individual checkout forms from test to live mode.

This means you can test different forms and sales funnels without putting your entire site in test mode, or needing a staging environment to perform the test.

Putting your form in test mode

To put your form in test mode, edit your checkout page or checkout form, and select “Test” from the mode dropdown on the form.

Using Test Cards

If you are using our Stripe integration, you may want to use some test cards to test the transaction. You can find a list of test cards to use here.

Clearing Test Data (Optional)

While not mandatory, you may want to clear out any test data from your account. To do this, login to your account at and click the “Clear Test Data” button. This action is irreversible, so please be sure you are not using any test data.

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