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Guide to Fulfill an Order in SureCart

This step-by-step guide aims to provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how you can fulfill an order in SureCart.

Here is a detailed video guide on this.

Any physical eCommerce order starts a journey after the customer places an order on your online store. From here, the customer expects to receive the product based on the timeline they see while making the purchase.

Similarly, in SureCart to make things easier for the customers, we provide them with tracking numbers and links using which the shop owners can fulfill an Order.

We will see what steps the Store Owner/Manager needs to take to fulfill the order in this article.

What is Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment in online orders refers to the entire process that takes place from the moment a customer places an order on an e-commerce website until they receive the products they’ve purchased.

In SureCart, fulfilling an order means doing everything you need to do as the store owner from the moment someone places an order until they get their products and you confirm that the order is paid for.

It includes shipping the order to customers, adding a tracking number for them to know the status of their product, and marking the order as paid once the product is delivered.

How to Fulfill an Order in SureCart

Now, once the order is placed by the customer, you would pack and ship it.

And let’s see how in that process you can fulfill an order in SureCart.

  • Visit the Orders Page and look for the unfulfilled order that you want to ship. Click on the Order ID for which you want to add the tracking number.
  • On the View Order page, you will be able to view the current status of the Order.
  • Click on “Fulfill Item” to see a fly-out menu from the right side of the page with fields to enter the Tracking information.
  • Add the Tracking Number and Tracking Link for the products, you’ve shipped.
  • If you have items that aren’t ready to ship at the same time, you can send them separately. That’s why you can add more than one Tracking Number and Link.
  • Once you’ve put in the Tracking Number and Links, click “Fulfill Item.”

When you click on the Fulfill Item button, the Order Status changes to “Fulfilled.” It means that you’ve done everything from your end to get the product delivered to the customer.

Once the order is fulfilled it will immediately reflect on the order dashboard on your end; however, the customer will be able to see shipment details in their dashboard once the item is shipped.

For your customers to be able to see these details, you can update the shipping status to “Shipped” and once updated they will be visible to the end users on the Customer Dashboard.

That’s all!

You will now successfully be able to fulfill an item for your customer on the SureCart store.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our Support Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do digital products or services need to be fulfilled?

As digital products do not require shipping. We have an option to Auto-fulfill these orders, you can enable this option from the respective product pages.

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