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How to Change the Permalinks & URL Slug for SureCart Product & Instant Checkout Page

Have you ever wanted your online store URLs to look flashy, unique, yet simpler?

SureCart lets you do just that with custom Products and Instant Checkout Permalinks. Here’s why you might love it:

  • Memorable URLs: Customize and make your product links easy to recall. Imagine telling someone, “Just go to yourwebsiteurl/shop/sample-product/”. Neat, right?
  • Flexibility: Not feeling the ‘shop’ vibe? Or ‘products’ not your jam? Go wild and pick a URL that you like.

So let’s see how you can make your store’s links a bit more ‘you’. After all, it’s the little touches that count! 😊

How to Change the Permalinks for SureCart Products

A permalink is a permanent web address (URL) for a specific webpage or post, meant to remain unchanged over time. So you should ensure you don’t change it unless very important.

Changing the Permalinks for SureCart Products is very straightforward.

  • Head to ‘Settings’ on your site, then click ‘Permalinks’.
Settings Permalinks
  • Scroll down and look for ‘SureCart Product Permalinks’.
Settings SureCart Product Permalinks

The default permalink will be /products/ followed by the product name as follows:

Settings SureCart Product Permalinks Default
  • Do you want to use /shop/ instead? If yes, just click ‘Shop’.
Settings SureCart Product Permalinks - Shop
  • For something unique, hit ‘Custom base’ and type in what you like.
Settings SureCart Product Permalinks  - Custom base
  • Once done with the changes, hit ‘Save Changes’.
Settings SureCart Product Permalinks Save Changes

This is how the SureCart Products permalink will look.

SureCart sample permalinks

How to Change the Permalinks for Instant Checkout Pages

For Instant Checkout Pages, the same method applies.

Right under the Product Permalinks, you’ve got ‘SureCart Instant Checkout Permalinks’.

SureCart Instant Checkout Permalinks
  • Not a fan of the default? Switch it to ‘Purchase’ or ‘Custom Base’. And make the desired changes.
SureCart Instant Checkout Permalinks - Custom base
  • Remember to hit ‘Save Changes’.
SureCart Instant Checkout Permalinks Save Changes

The Instant Checkout permalink will look like this.

SureCart Instant Checkout Permalinks Sample

How to Change the URL Slug for SureCart Products

  • Click on SureCart and choose “Products”.
SureCart Products
  • Choose any products you’ve created.
SureCart Product list
  • On the right, tap “URL Slug”.
SureCart Product URL SLUG
  • In the Permalink Field, type a short, catchy description.
SureCart Products change URL SLUG
  • Click on the “Save Product” to keep your changes. Cool?
SureCart Save Product

This is how the Product URL Slug will look.

SureCart Products URL SLUG sample

Boom, you’re all set!

You’re now a whiz at tweaking those Permalinks & URLs. Go ahead, give your site that personal touch, and make it truly yours.

And if ever in doubt, just revisit this guide.

If you have any inquiries or doubts, please feel free to reach out to us without any hesitation.

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