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Creating Custom Buy Links

While SureCart provides copy/paste buy links when you create your product prices, sometimes will want to create custom purchase buttons that allow your users to purchase a product. You can even specify several different products or prices and the quantities for each. You can accomplish this using URL parameters.

Creating The Link

Finding the Price ID

The first step you will want to do is to find the “price id” that you want to use for the line item. You can do this by navigating to your Edit Product page, and clicking on “Copy Links” next to the price:

SureCart_Copy purchase links

Next, click “Copy” next to the “Price ID” box:

SureCart_Copy price ID
Creating the URL

In order to add line items, you will want to use the line_items parameter in the url. This accepts multiple options, so it will follow the format[0][price_id]=5366e5a3
Changing the quantity

You can also specify the quantity of a line item in the url as well. This would give the line item a quantity of “2”.[0][price_id]=5366e5a3&line_items[0][quantity]=2
Adding multiple prices

You may want to add more than a single line item to the checkout. To do that, you can do this:[0][price_id]=5366e5a3&line_items[1][price_id]=402d8e25

You can see that we are adding an additional line_items parameter, but instead using the “key” [0], we are using [1] to indicate it’s a separate line item.

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