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Add First-Time Payment Discounts in SureCart Subscriptions

Ever considered providing first-payment discounts for SureCart subscriptions? With SureCart, it’s possible. SureCart allows you to offer discounts exclusively on the first subscription payment, providing a quick way to improve your offerings.

So, what exactly are these first payment discounts? Essentially, they are a way to apply a special discount to the first subscription payment from a customer. The next payment made by the customer is the normal amount. Instead of applying coupons just for the initial discount, you can enable this feature from your SureCart dashboard.

For example, let’s say your online store hosts an annual Black Friday sale, and you want to provide a special offer for subscribers.

During this event, a customer visits your store and decides to subscribe to your plan. With SureCart’s first payment discounts, you can set up an offer where this customer, and others like them, enjoy a discounted rate exclusively on their first-ever subscription payment.

This means that when they make their first payment, they benefit from a special discounted price, encouraging continued subscription.

This document explains how you can enable first-payment discounts in SureCart. Ready to get started?

  • From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the SureCart Products section.
  • Pick any product for which you wish to implement the first payment discount.
  • Here, select the subscription plan for which you’d like to enable the first payment discount and simply switch on this toggle button.
  • Select Discount from the newly visible drop-down.
  • Provide the discount name and specify the discount amount you’d like to offer.
  • Click on the Save Product button.

Now, your customers will view a reduced price for this specific subscription plan during their initial purchase.

To remove this discount offer after your sale ends, just toggle off the same Setup fees or discount button.

That’s it! We hope this document was helpful. If you face any issues, please free to contact our support team. We’re always here to help.

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