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How To Sell LearnDash Courses and Groups With SureCart

Selling online courses is a big deal. SureCart attempts to make it even better.

With features designed to improve LearnDash course sales, this guide will walk you through the integration process and highlight the practical advantages of integrating SureCart with LearnDash.

Why Connect SureCart with LearnDash?

Integrating SureCart with LearnDash is a smart move for several reasons.

SureCart easily integrates with LearnDash, providing course creators with multiple features to sell their LearnDash courses to a larger audience.

SureCart also extends payment options beyond LearnDash, allowing users to offer payment plans. Payment plans are not available by default in LearnDash. This flexibility caters to a wider customer audience, making courses more financially accessible.

This integration also simplifies the process of upgrading to higher-priced plans or different terms. For example, consider a coding course creator with a student who completes the beginner’s course and wishes to advance to the next level.

Along with these, SureCart also provides course groups, discounting rules, automated tax calculations, and collection, and much more.

Integrating LearnDash Courses/Groups With SureCart

Integrating Learndash with SureCart is a simple process.

  • In SureCart, navigate to Products and select the product you want to edit. You can also create a new product and edit it.
  • Here, scroll down and click on Add New Integration.
  • Here, select LearnDash Courses or LearnDash Groups as per your need. You can add as many courses or groups as you want.
  • Now, select the course you would like to add and click on the Add Integration button.
  • You can also remove these integrations by clicking on three dots and selecting Delete.

Thats it! Enrolling in your course just got super easy for customers.

Refunding and Revoking Course Access

In many situations, you may want to revoke and refund access for certain Learndash customers. SureCart allows you to do this:

  • In SureCart, go to Orders, and find the relevant order. Here, we are selecting a test order we placed.
  • Click on the Revoke button. This removes customers from courses or groups.
  • You can also Refund the order. Do remember that refunding orders does not revoke the access to these courses for your customers.

SureCart with LearnDash makes selling courses super easy. Providing an improved experience that’s better for customers as well as course owners.

We hope this guide helped you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help!

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Start Selling With SureCart Today

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