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How to Remove SureCart Plugin Data from Your Website

When you disable and delete the SureCart plugin, the plugin’s data isn’t automatically removed. This means if you reinstall the plugin, it’ll still remember your prior settings, like its connection to

Now, keep in mind, that removing the plugin data doesn’t mean you’re wiping out all your store’s data. Your customers, orders, products, and all the settings tailored for your SureCart store remain intact.

Should you decide to reinstall the SureCart plugin later on, it’s a breeze! Just reconnect it to your store via using the API key, and everything – your products, customers, and orders – will all come right back.

This guide will teach you how to remove SureCart plugin data like SureCart customer roles, pages, shop, posts, checkout forms, and others when you uninstall the SureCart plugin from your website. You can simply follow the steps below to remove your data from SureCart.

  1. Go to SureCart from your website and click Settings.
SureCart Settings
  1. Click on the Advanced tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to find Uninstall.
SureCart Settings Advanced Uninstall
  1. Toggle on the Remove Plugin Data and Click Save.
SureCart Remove Plugin Data

If you proceed with this action, you’ll entirely erase your website’s plugin data associated with the SureCart Plugin.

However, as I pointed out earlier, you can always reconnect to using the API keys.

In case you’re thinking of deleting all this data permanently, along with your user account, you can simply follow the steps outlined in this guide: How to Permanently Delete Your Business and User Account.

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