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How to Set Up Subscription Saver

In this article, we’ll show you how to improve customer retention in your online subscription store using SureCart’s Subscription Saver feature.

Running a successful online subscription business is about keeping your customers interested for the long term. However, some customers will eventually cancel their subscriptions at some point. Thankfully, SureCart has a helpful tool to deal with this – the Subscription Saver.

Here’s how it works: When a customer decides to cancel their subscription, the Subscription Saver feature comes into play. It gives them a simple feedback form where they can share why they’re canceling.

Subscription saver popup modal

Based on their feedback, you can offer discounts or promotions right from the cancellation page. But it’s not just about keeping subscriptions; it’s also about getting useful feedback. When customers do decide to cancel, you’ll get insights that can help you improve your online store and products.

Keep reading to learn how to activate Subscription Saver in SureCart, step by step.

How to Enable Subscription Saver

In order to use Subscription Saver with SureCart, you first have to enable it in the settings:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > SureCart > Settings > Subscription Saver.
  2. Enable the “Subscription Saver & Cancelation Insight.
Subscription Saver Setting in SureCart
  1. Click Save

Now that we’ve enabled it, let’s look at setting it up.

Setting Up Your Cancellation Survey Form

A big part of SureCart’s Subscription Saver option is the Cancellation Survey.

It’s what starts the whole process and gives you the option to customize the questions and options of the survey presented to your customers when they cancel.

Setting Up Survey Answers

This section will allow us to customize the cancellation reasons presented to the customers when they attempt to cancel their subscription.

Cancellation Survey settings

By default, there are options that are already populated, you can choose to use them and edit accordingly or add your own by clicking the “Add New” button.

Add new cancellation survey question

Once you’ve clicked the button, the popup for adding a new cancellation reason will appear with the following options:

  • Label – This will be the customer-facing label for this cancellation reason option.
  • Offer Discount – Once enabled and selected by the customer, they will be presented with a specific discount option on their next renewal. This will be discussed further below.
  • Request Comments – This option will ask the customers for additional information regarding their cancellation reason. You update the prompt that will be shown to the customer once this option is selected.
request comments option in SureCart
  • Comment Prompt – This is the prompt that will appear to the customers if you want to ask for more information.

Hit Create/Update when you’re done updating the Cancellation Reason.

Setting Up Survey Form

Once you’re done with the cancellation reasons, you can further update the rest of the fields.

Survey Form questions
  • Title – This is the title of the pop-up that will be shown to the customers.
  • Description – This is the brief description shown in the modal.
  • Skip Link – This is what the link to skip the Subscription Saver modal will say.
Subscription Saver popup options

After updating the settings above, you can preview your modal by clicking on the Preview button on the top right.

preview the cancellation survey

Be sure to hit Save to save the changes.

Renewal Discount

Given that some options allow you to offer a further discount to your customers, this is the section where you can set that up.

Renewal discount settings

Let’s check out the options:

  • Choose Type – this is the type of discount to be given to the customers.
    • Percentage Discount – offer your customers a percentage discount off of the existing amount for their subscription. You can set the percentage amount in the section below.
    • Fixed Discount – offer your customers a fixed amount of discount to be given to your customers. You can set the fixed amount in the section below.
  • Discount Duration – select the duration that the discount will be applied. You have three options:
    • Forever – the discounts are applied indefinitely
    • Once – the discount only applies once, on the next renewal, and will revert back to the old price afterward.
    • Repeating – the discount will be applied only within a specified number of cycles. You can set the number of months the discount will be applied in the field below.
  • Usage Limit Per Customer – this is the number of times a single customer can use the renewal discount, leave blank for unlimited usage
  • Title – the title for the popup modal for the discount.
  • Description – the text below the title on the popup modal for the discount.
  • Button – the text on the button on the popup modal
  • Cancel Link – the text on the link that would make the customers decline the offer and proceed with the cancellations.

Once you’re done filling in the options, you can preview the whole thing by clicking on the button on the top right.

Preview renewal discount offer

If you feel satisfied with the changes, hit the Save button to save the changes.

After setting up your Subscription Saver, these will immediately take effect and will be shown to all customers who will be canceling their subscriptions, on all subscription products.

You will also start seeing Subscription saver survey data on your SureCart Dashboard and Subscriptions > Cancelation.

That wraps up our guide on setting up Subscription Saver with SureCart. By now, you’ve learned how to enable the Subscription Saver option, set up the survey questions, enable discounts and offers, and even find your Subscription Insights.

We hope this was helpful!

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