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How to Set Up Subscription Plans with Trials in SureCart

SureCart makes selling stuff online super easy and helps you take care of your customers significantly.

One remarkable thing you can do with SureCart is make subscription plans for the stuff you’re selling.

You can even add a trial period. This means customers can try out your stuff before they subscribe, which could help you sell more.

But before you add a subscription, you must have a product ready. If you need help understanding how to create a product, click here to learn more.

How Do Trial Subscriptions Work in SureCart?

You might be wondering how a trial subscription works. It’s quite simple:

  1. People choose your product and go to checkout. They have to enter their payment details, but they won’t be charged anything yet.
  2. After checking out, their trial starts. They can use and enjoy your product without having to pay.
  3. Once the trial is over, that’s when they start paying. The money is taken from the payment details they entered during checkout, which marks their subscription’s start.
  4. Then, the subscription just keeps going like normal. This is what we call the subscription cycle.

Now, let’s start making a subscription plan with a trial period using SureCart!

How to add a subscription payment type

  • Inside your product, scroll down to the Pricing section.
SureCart Pricing section
  • Click the ‘Add Another Price’ button.
SureCart Add Another Price button
  • Insert a name for the Subscription in the `Name` field.
SureCart Product Add name for Payment Type
  • From the Payment Type field, choose `Subscription`.
SureCart Product Subscription
  • In the `Price` field, insert the amount you want to charge your customer.
SureCart Product Price
  • In the `Repeat Payment Every` field, choose how often you want this payment to be repeated.
SureCart Product Repeat Payment Every
  • Choose from the dropdown field: Day, Week, Month, or Year
SureCart Product Month
  • Add a “Compare at Price” option to highlight the value of the current offer for the customer.
SureCart Product Compare at price

How to Add a Free Trial to The Subscription Payment Type

SureCart offers the ability to set a trial period for your subscription plans.

This trial allows you to offer customers the opportunity to trial the product for a customizable number of days.

Here’s how you can configure this:

  • Toggle the `Free Trial` option (it is available only for any paid plan).
SureCart Product Subscription Free Trial
  • Specify how many days you would like the free trial to last in the following field.
SureCart Product Trial days
  • In the final step, click the Create Price button.
SureCart Product Create Price button
  • There will be a reminder notification sent three days before the trial ends. Click here to access the notification template on the SureCart Platform.

Once you create this price, you can share it with others.

When people buy your product, they will get to try your service for free for a limited time. Once the trial is over, their subscription will start right away.

If you have questions or need help, contact us, and we will be happy to help!

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