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How To Enable Upsell Funnels In SureCart

SureCart allows merchants to implement upsells for their products, a marketing tactic aimed at convincing customers to purchase higher-tier versions of the base product, hence improving the average order value of your e-commerce offerings.

For example, If a customer selects a standard smartphone model from your store, they will be offered to upgrade to a premium model.

This guide will demonstrate how you can activate these upsells, choose when to display them, customize them, and more.

Let’s begin!

Upsells vs. Order Bumps

Both upsells and order bumps help boost sales, but they work differently in SureCart.

Upsells offer pricier upgrades after checkout, while order bumps suggest related bundles of products or services during the checkout process.

You can check out this article to learn more about order bumps.

Adding Upsell Funnels

To create your upsell, head to your WordPress dashboard and follow these steps:

  • Navigate to SureCart > Products, and then Upsells.
  • Click on the Add new button and name your Upsell. This name is not visible to your customers.

Display Conditions

Display conditions determine when your upsell appears to customers.

  • You can either choose to show this after all of the product purchases or just the specific ones.
  • If you select Specific Purchases then you’d have to add some conditions to display your upsell funnel.

These conditions are nothing but the products after which you want to offer your upsell. You can do this by clicking on the Add A Condition button.

  • After clicking on this button, you can select the products either by their product names or their prices.

For this example, we select the product by its price. You can select the product from the dropdown or search for it using the search bar.

You can add as many conditions or products as you want.

The “Show Upsell Offer If” option allows you to further customize an upsell when multiple items are in the cart. Here’s how they are categorized, you have a total of three options:

  • All of these are in the cart: If you select this option, the upsell will show up only if all of the specific purchases that you’ve selected are in the cart.

For example, our upsell will show up only if both the standard and basic smartphones are in the customer’s cart.

  • Any of these items are in the cart: The upsell will be displayed even if any one of the items is present in the customer’s cart.

If we select this option for the above example, the upsell will show up even if any one of the smartphones is added to the cart.

  • None of these items are in the cart: Upsell will be shown if none of the specified items are in the cart.

Deciding What Products to Show In Your Upsell

Once you are done configuring when to show your upsell, it’s time to decide what you will provide in this upsell.

You can either provide only one upsell or provide other additional upsells/downsells based on how the customer behaves during the upsell.

We do this in the Post Purchase Offer section. This is really easy to understand. We have three sections:

  • Upsell Offer #1: This is the first upsell offer your customers are going to see after making their original purchase.

Here, we are offering a premium version of the standard smartphone.

  • Upsell Offer #2: If the customer accepts the first upsell offer, you can navigate them to the second upsell offer as well. You can decide whether you want to offer a pricier product or something else of your choice.

Here, we are offering an upsell that is an upgrade on the premium smartphone.

  • Downsell Offer: If the customer rejects the very first upsell offer, then you can also offer them a downsell offer.

This is a lower-priced or alternative product to a customer who just declined to purchase the first higher-priced option.

You can also edit, delete, or preview any of these upsells by clicking on this three-dot option here.

You can customize each upsell and downsell individually. Check out the next section for more details.

Customizing Upsell Offers Page

These settings determine how your upsell appears on the upsell page, including what products are displayed, discount options, customization features, and more.

After clicking on the Add Product button in any of the upsells/downsells, you are shown the following screen.

  • Name your upsell. This title is displayed to your customers at the top of the upsell page.
  • Choose the Product you want to offer in your upsell or downsell offer.
  • Many upsell products also offer special discounts. You can decide how much discount you want to offer to your customers in the Discount section.
  • If the customer has the upsell item already added to their current cart, you can choose not to show the upsell. This can be done by selecting the Skip if in order option.
  • If a customer has previously purchased the same item offered in the upsell, you can opt not to display that product by selecting Skip if purchased.
  • Otherwise, you can just choose to show the upsell in all cases regardless of the customer’s current cart or past purchases. This can be done by selecting the Always show option from the dropdown.
  • You can also customize how the upsell page looks by editing the default upsell template or by adding your own. Click on the Edit button to edit the template.

Everything on the upsell page is editable including the countdown logo, CTA title, product media, typography, and more.

  • Finally, you can add a statement label here. This will show up on your customer’s invoice if they accept the upsell offer.

Click on the Create Offer button to finally create this upsell.

The countdown timer at the top of the upsell page shows how much time is left for the offer to end.

By default, it’s set to 30 minutes but this can be changed.

Check out this short article to learn how to do it.

Adjusting Upsell Priority

SureCart helps you decide the priority of your upsells. This is helpful when you have multiple upsells in place and want to prioritize only one.

For example, if you have 2 upsells enabled for the same product, only the upsell with the higher priority will be offered to the customer instead of the lower one.

You can adjust this slider to set the priority of this upsell. A rating of 1 is the lowest priority, while 5 is the highest.

Once you are done configuring your upsell offer, click on the Save Funnel button at the top to apply all these changes.

You can also delete this upsell by going to the three dots and clicking on the Delete button.

That’s it! We hope this guide helped you understand SureCart Upsells better.

Please contact our support team if you face any issues while using these upsell funnels. We’re always here to help!

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