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What Types of Products Can I Create in SureCart?

What Types of Products Can I Create in SureCart?

SureCart allows you to collect payments for any product you want to sell, ranging from physical products to digital products and services. Here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of products you can sell with SureCart:

  • Digital Products – Ideal for online courses, learning management systems, or access groups.
  • Downloadable Products – Perfect for any type of downloadable files, such as ebooks, PDFs, audio, or video files.
  • Physical Products – From straightforward physical items to variable products, SureCart seamlessly handles a wide range.
  • Subscription Products – Designed for selling subscription-based products, allowing you to set up recurring billing effortlessly.
  • Licensed Products – Tailored for those selling licensed products like applications, themes, plugins, or any software type.
  • Affiliate Products – A newly added feature in SureCart that supports the affiliate platform, empowering you to boost sales through affiliate marketing.

In this article, we’ll explore each product type to understand how they can be effectively sold with SureCart.

Physical Products

For the average E-commerce store, the most commonly used product type is the Physical product. It is the most basic and easy to use.

A simple product refers to an individual physical item such as an electronic device or shoes.

SureCart is great for selling physical products as it comes with all the features you might need to sell physical products like:

  • Inventory Management – Product inventory, in brief, is the number of items ready for sale. In SureCart, you can monitor the quantity and attach a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to your products.
  • Variations – A product variant is essentially a distinct version of a product. Let’s consider Shoes as an example – they can be available in different colors and sizes. Rather than generating separate listings for each color and size, you can consolidate them into one listing. This way, customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred color and size, making the shopping process more straightforward, organizing your products more efficiently, and enhancing the overall experience for customers
  • Cash on delivery/Manual Payment Modes – Manual payment methods are important in e-commerce, especially when online payments aren’t possible. They’re handy for choices like Cash on Delivery, Local Pickup, Mail-In Payments, or other manual options.

Digital Products

SureCart can also help you sell digital products like e-books, music files, or online courses easily.

It comes with all the necessary features that you will need while selling digital products.

  • Integrations with learning platforms – SureCart is ideal for creating E-learning websites, we have direct integration with learning platforms like learnDash, TutorLMS, and more. So if you’re selling courses, you can use SureCart to collect payments with your preferred payment gateway, offer coupon discounts, or collect recurring payments.
  • Integrations with membership groups – If you’re selling paid access to certain content such as pages, posts, groups, and post types to users, SureCart makes it easy to manage content restrictions by integrating with content restriction plugins.
  • Easy way to manage downloadable products – SureCart offers convenient options for downloadable content you can attach downloadable files directly to the product and after the purchase, they will be immediately available for download to your customers. To make this feature more convenient we have two ways to store files, you can use your storage or opt-in for our secure storage.
  • Send licenses with purchase – If you are selling products that require licensing, SureCart covers you by providing an all-in-one licensing solution.

Downloadable Products

Have you ever purchased a beautiful printable poster online or snagged a helpful PDF guide? These are called downloadable products.

They come in various file types that you can easily download from the internet, such as a PDF document, an image, or even a software program.

A downloadable product can be either virtual or physical. For instance, if you’re selling a music album or book, you might want to offer both a physical and a downloadable version. SureCart supports both scenarios.

Creating a downloadable product in SureCart is simple.

Simply start by creating a new product, and fill in all the necessary information, including the title, description, price, and lastly, in the middle part of the product creation page, add your downloadable files.

You can add as many downloadable files as needed. SureCart supports various file types, including images, PDFs, and more.

If you have multiple files you’d like to attach as one, you can simply zip them into a folder and upload the zip file.

You can either store your downloads in your secure SureCart store, or you can opt to store them in your preferred file storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other file storage that supports file sharing.

After the product purchase, clients will receive links to download their files.

Subscription Products

One effective way to ensure steady revenue for your store over a long period is by accepting recurring payments. This business model not only provides stability for your store but also enhances customer retention.

You can achieve this by offering a subscription-based product.

For example, if you have a fitness app that costs $15 per month, you can set up a subscription payment type so that customers are automatically charged $15 every month.

To do this, you can create a pricing plan with the Subscription Payment Type in SureCart.

These are like memberships. You pay a certain amount every month to use a service or get something regularly. Think of it like a Netflix subscription where you pay to watch movies and shows every month.

SureCart offers an easy option to create a subscription-based product, to do this you just need to create a product and in the pricing box, you need to define a subscription and feel all the details.

Screenshot of the Subscription pricing

  • Offer trials – You can even add a trial period. This means customers can try out your stuff before they subscribe, which could help you sell more.
  • Subscription Saver – When a customer decides to cancel their subscription, the Subscription Saver feature comes into play. It gives them a simple feedback form where they can share why they’re canceling. Based on users’ feedback you can offer your customers immediate discounts or learn more about user behavior and adjust the business model.
  • Pay what you want – This feature allows your customers to pay what they want instead of the predefined price of the product, you define minimum and maximum values, and your customers will choose the amount they can pay for it. This is a great option for donations.
  • Track useful subscription metrics – These metrics are your business’s vital signs – they tell you how healthy it is and how it’s doing financially. So, let’s dive in and get to know them a bit better.
  • Upgrades and downgrades – SureCart users have easy options for upgrading, downgrading, or canceling their subscriptions from one to another plan.
  • Subscription management – Sore owners have all the tools to manage submissions, It is easy to manually create new subscriptions for users, pause, cancel, and resume users’ subscriptions.

Licensed Products

With our SureCart Business and Pro plans, you can get an add-on for our software licensing platform. This allows you to sell any software that needs licensing with SureCart.

What are Licensed Products?

Let’s consider a scenario where you are selling WordPress plugins. You have the option to enable licensing for your products. After a customer makes a purchase, they will receive a unique key via email. To ensure the validity of the license, you can utilize SureCart’s APIs and SDKs to verify if the license was generated by SureCart.

Licensed products are digital items that you grant users the right to use, similar to buying a software license for Microsoft Office or Windows.

Benefits of Using SureCart License feature:

  • Automate license creation: SureCart automatically generates unique license keys for each customer purchase, eliminating manual processes.
  • Offload update checks and downloads: Free your website from resource-intensive tasks like update checks and downloads. SureCart handles them efficiently.
  • Seamless integration: The License Addon integrates seamlessly with the SureCart plugin, providing a smooth user experience, additionally you can use SureTriggers for automatization.
  • Simple setup: Get started quickly with the provided WordPress SDK and easy-to-follow setup guide.


That wraps up our guide on product types with SureCart. By now, you’ve learned which product types we support and how they can be used in your e-commerce business

We hope this document was helpful. If you need further help, let us know at support@suretriggers.com!

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