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How Does Upgrading, Downgrading, and Subscription Cancellation Work in SureCart?

Subscriptions in SureCart are one of the best features that you can use to choose how subscriptions are being handled on your website.

You can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the subscriptions from the next billing cycle or immediately.

This document will explain how you can use this feature on your website.

How to Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel Your Subscriptions?

From your WordPress Dashboard, click on SureCart and click on settings. On the settings page, navigate to Subscriptions.

You will see the upgrading, downgrading, and cancellation period on the dashboard with a drop-down next to each option.

You can choose when the upgrading, downgrading, or cancellation happens by selecting either the next billing period or immediately.

Ideally, when a customer pays for a subscription, they would like to access it immediately. So it will be a good idea to choose the upgrade option immediately.

However, downgrading and cancellation can be chosen from the next billing cycle or immediately as per your requirement.

When an upgrade or downgrade happens immediately, a prorated invoice will be generated and paid. If the invoice payment fails, the subscription will not be updated.

In the case of a downgrade, the invoice will likely have a $0 balance and a credit may be applied to the customer.

When an upgrade or downgrade happens during the next billing period, the subscription won’t be updated until the next payment date. Here is the difference between the two options.

Next Billing Cycle

For example, if it’s a 1-year subscription, and you were to downgrade after one day, you would keep your subscription (that you already paid for) through the end of the year. No credits will be applied since you will use up all the subscription period you paid for.

Cancelling Immediately

Certainly! Here’s a version without reference to the example above:

Here, let’s consider another scenario, if it’s a 1-year subscription and you decide to downgrade after just one day, your subscription will immediately downgrade. However, since you have already paid for the entire year, you will be credited for the unused time that you have already paid for.

Otherwise, the customer will get into an issue where they pay for a year but only get access for 1 day.

Similarly, when a cancellation happens immediately, the subscription is canceled right away. When a cancellation happens at the end of the billing period, the subscription remains active until the end of the current billing period.

Failed Payments

If the subscribers of your website fail to make the payments, the subscription will be automatically marked as Past Due. When this happens we automatically retry the payment based on our smart retry logic.

If the payment is still unsuccessful after the duration set above, the subscription will be canceled.

You can choose the duration to keep the subscription active, even after failed payments by clicking on the drop-down option next to Failed Payments.

You have three options for canceling your subscription:

  1. One Week
  2. Two Weeks
  3. Three Weeks


This is one of the premium features and you will need to upgrade your account with SureCart to use this feature. This feature allows you to offer a trial period for your customers without using a credit card or any other payment method. You can also set a minimum payment amount for using the trial period of the subscription.

We hope this guide helped you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re here to help!

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