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How to Charge Set Up Fee on Trials

Here are the simple steps below to understand how to charge a setup fee on free trial plans.

  • Let’s create a new price. You can select installment or subscription. In this example, we’ll choose a subscription.

  •  Activate the free trial.

  • Activate the Setup Fee, you can also charge a Setup Fee alone without the need of a Free trial.
  • Now, click to activate the “Charge setup fee during free trial”. Once you’re finished, click the “Create Price” button.

By following these simple steps, you’ve successfully added a free trial and incorporated the setup fee during the trial period for your product.

Now, to understand how this will appear for the customer, navigate to the checkout page and choose the pricing option accordingly. 

You’ll observe a message in the pricing selector indicating that the subscription will begin in 15 days, when the trial ends. You will also see the amount of setup fee on the checkout page.

Additionally, the total price will reflect the value of the setup fee.

After making the purchase, your customers can log in to their SureCart dashboard and see the purchase details.

In the Plans section, they will see a label indicating that the plan is under trial, along with the start date of their subscription. 

Additionally, in the Order History section, they will observe a charge of $10 associated with the setup fee.

That’s how easy it is to collect a setup fee and offer a free trial in SureCart. 

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