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A Guide to SureCart User Roles and Permissions


User roles in WordPress are like predefined job descriptions. They decide what a person can do on a website. This is important for keeping the site safe and organized.

These roles make sure people only have the right abilities based on their job.

So, think of it like this: in WordPress, you have different “jobs” with different “tasks,” and these roles make sure every user has access to the necessary sections of the website.

For example, administrator role can access every part of your website but an editor may only see limited settings.

Here’s what the editor will see:

In the same way, WordPress and different WordPress plugins offer various user roles, each with different permissions.

In this guide, we’ll delve into SureCart User Roles and Permissions, exploring each role’s abilities and essential details.

Let’s begin!

What are User Roles in SureCart

Think of SureCart user roles like job titles in an eCommerce platform. They determine who can do what, ensuring smooth store operations.

Following are the user roles and their capabilities that are available when you install SureCart on your website:

SureCart Customer: Regular shoppers. They can browse products, add items to their cart, and buy stuff. They’re the heart of the business because they’re the ones making purchases.

SureCart Shop Worker: Store employees who help with various tasks in the store. They might be in charge of handling orders, packaging products, and assisting customers. And they have the capability to view all Products, Orders, Subscriptions, Customers, Coupons, Licenses in SureCart.

They have a bit more access than customers, but they can’t make big changes like modify and fulfil orders.

SureCart Accountant: Just like in real life, an accountant is the money expert. They can look at the financial side of things, checking order history, and subscriptions. They can’t modify products or alter the website’s appearance.

SureCart Shop Manager: Shop Managers have full control of the SureCart store. They can add or remove products, manage shop workers, and even make changes to the orders directly. They’re responsible for keeping the store running smoothly.

So, user roles are like assigning specific jobs to different people on the eCommerce platform. It helps keep everything organized and secure, making sure the right people have the right responsibilities.

Only the Site Administrator can access and manage the Account Settings in SureCart, including Store, Clearing Test Data settings, assign user roles in the store, etc.

Access Levels and Restrictions for Each User Role

SureCart Customer Role

People who make purchases from your store are assigned this role. They can:

  • Access the Customer Dashboard.
  • View Payment History and Billing Details, making modifications.
  • Update personal data, add credit card details, and review/modify payment methods.

SureCart Shop Worker Role

This role is assigned by website admins to people who will be managing and fulfilling orders. They can:

  • Handle orders, packaging, and shipping.
  • Update order fulfillment details.
  • Create Promotions.
  • Review Balance or Credit Transactions.
  • Upload files while creating products.

SureCart Accountant Role

This role is for employees who will review financial reports and profits. They can:

  • For reviewing reports and profits via the Dashboard
  • Check the sales and profits in the dashboard, making sure everything adds up
  • Cannot modify the website’s look and feel or edit the products

SureCart Shop Manager Role

They do what Shop Workers do, plus:

  • Viewing Reports and Sensitive Shop Data like customer details.
  • Exporting Shop Reports and adjusting related Settings like name, timezone, notifications, etc.
  • Assign user roles to your store.
  • Manage orders, refunds, products, pricing, and forms.

Site Administrator Role

This is the general WordPress Admin role that manages Account and Test Data settings, distinct from Shop Managers.

Site administrators can control every part of your website, including every setting within SureCart.

Best Practices for User Permissions

Provide access to users only when they really need it. Avoid giving extra permissions if they’re not necessary. This keeps your website safe and stops users from making bad changes or deleting things.

Not many users need the Admin role on the website. To keep your site safe, you can limit this. Most users can do their jobs well with fewer abilities on your store.

If you want more control over what users can do on your website, think about using a free tool called User Role Editor. It helps you pick what each user can do.

Further, there might be a scenario where you do not require SureCart roles on your store. In that scenario, you can simply remove SureCart roles that you do not need.


In conclusion, user roles play a big role on a WordPress website, especially when many people are in charge. This is true for eCommerce stores made with SureCart too.

As you are dealing with sensitive data from customers, it is of high importance to only let certain users see what they need to. You should only give certain powers to users who really need them.

If you have any questions about the SureCart Roles, you can reach out to us and we are happy to help.

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