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How to Refund an Order

With SureCart, you can collect payments from people for the products that you sell.

But if something isn’t quite right with customers’ orders and they ask for a refund, you have the option to do a refund for their orders very easily.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of initiating refunds in SureCart, specifically for subscription-based products. However, rest assured that you can apply these very same steps for refunding any type of product.

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How to Initiate Refund for an Order

If you want to provide a refund to your customers for any particular order, you can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to SureCart from your Website and click on Orders.
SureCart Orders
  1. Click on the order for which you want to do a refund.
SureCart Customer Order
  1. Scroll down to Charge Section and click on Refund.
SureCart Orders Refund Option
  1. Once you click on the Refund button, a new prompt will appear. By default, you will see the total amount that the customer paid. You can refund your customer any amount you like. After you’ve decided, enter the desired refund amount.
SureCart Orders Refund Amount
  1. In the Reason Dropdown field, the default option is Requested By Customer, but you can choose any other reason. The refund reason will appear in your payment processor for the refunded transaction.
SureCart Orders Refund Reason
  1. Select if you want to revoke access to the products associated with this order. If you don’t check the checkbox under Revoke Purchase, you will still refund the amount of money. However, the customer will retain access and be charged again at the next billing cycle.

And if you click the checkbox, you can revoke access to this product. Additionally, the subscription will also be canceled if this is a subscription product.

SureCart Orders Rrefund Revoke Purchases
  1. Click on Refund Button.
SureCart Orders Refund Button

What Happens After the Refund is Initiated

Once you have initiated the refund, the following events will happen:

  • Your customers will get an email notification with the details of the refund.
  • If the product is linked to an LMS like the LearnDash course or has other integrations, the customer will lose access to it.
  • If the product includes a download file, the customer will not be able to access the file anymore.

That’s almost everything you need to know about refunding an order.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please contact us without hesitation.

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