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How to Manage Customer Orders with SureCart

E-commerce businesses can significantly benefit from an intuitive and efficient system to manage customer orders.

SureCart is a robust WordPress plugin designed to help manage and track orders seamlessly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on effectively managing customer orders using SureCart.

How to Find Your Orders

You can find the list of all the orders that have ever been placed in this section by navigating to your WordPress website and selecting SureCart > Orders.

This list displays all the orders that you’ve ever received at your SureCart store.

SureCart Orders

How to Sort & Look for Orders Based on Status

If you want to see only the list of orders with a specific status like Processing, Completed, Cancelled, or Failed, you can use the filters located above.

There’s a filter at the top left corner under the Orders section. It lets you sort the list based on different statuses: All, Paid, Processing, Failed, and Canceled.

SureCart filter by All, Paid, Processing, Failed, Canceled

You can also find more filters for Fulfillment status and Shipment Status below these options. These filters help you easily find the information you need and manage your orders better..

SureCart filter by Fulfillment status and Shipment Status

How to Search for a Specific Order

You can also search for any specific order in your store by searching with the order ID.

SureCart Seach Orders

How to See All Details of a Single Order

By clicking on any order, you can access detailed options and information for that particular order including:

Fulfillment Status, Order Status, & Order Receipts/Invoice

In this part, you can see the order number, when it was created, and whether it has been paid for and fulfilled. If it’s a digital product that gets automatically delivered, it will say “Fulfilled.”

After that, you’ll see the “Paid” section, which shows how much money the user paid for their purchase. You can also download the receipt or invoice from here.

SureCart Fulfillment Status, Order Status, & Order Receipts/Invoice

Customer Details, Shipping & Tax information, & Purchases

On the right, you’ll see more info such as the Customer’s name who placed the order, Shipping & Tax Address, and the products that were purchased in this order.

SureCart Orders Customer Details, Shipping & Tax information, &  Purchases

Orders Under Processing

If you made an order manually and it’s not paid yet, you’ll see a section called Processing. This indicates that your order is in processing state, once you mark it as paid, the processing status will change to paid.

SureCart Orders Under Processing

Subscription Details

If the customer bought a subscription product, you’ll see a Subscription section.

This shows the status (Active, Canceled, Paused), product name, when it renews, when it was made, and an option to view the subscription.

SureCart Orders Subscriptions

How to Cancel an Order

If you want to cancel an order, click on the Actions button on the top right corner, then choose ‘Cancel Order’.

If you cancel an order, the customer won’t be able to get the product, download any files attached to it, or continue with any subscription linked to it.

SureCart Cancel an Order

How to Refund an Order

The Charge section shows how much the customer paid, when they paid, how they paid, and if the payment was successful.

You can refund the customer by clicking on the refund button.

SureCart Orders Charge

How to Revoke an Order

When you go to the “Purchases” section, you’ll find the item the customer bought.

Now, if you want to cancel the purchase and any related subscriptions, just click on the “Revoke” button.

It’s important to know that if the product is linked to an LMS (Learning Management System) course, your access to that course will also be taken away.

Oh, and if the product includes a download file, that will be revoked as well. So, just keep that in mind before revoking an order.

SureCart Revoke an Order

That’s almost everything that you need to know in order to manage orders in SureCart. But if you still have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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