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Tax Calculations

SureCart handles international tax calculations for you completely free of charge. No more paying for expensive add-ons.

EU VAT Compliance

SureCart handles all EU tax requirements. Manage your store without worrying about compliance. We took care of it for you!

Invoices & Receipts

We take invoice worry out of the equation for you. SureCart sends done-for-you numbered invoices and receipts to buyers.

Increase the Average Order Value With Our Slide-out Cart

Shopping Cart

SureCart’s beautiful and lightning-fast slide-out cart will amaze both you and your customers, making it easier for them to purchase and for you to sell the goods. You can fully customize the shopping cart and create the customer experience exactly how you imagine it.

Add custom cart messages – change labels or placeholder texts in all of your fields
Change quantities, add or remove products at checkout – give your customers the freedom to choose
Loads lightning quick – all the heavy lifting is done by our platform leaving your website lightweight
SureCart - Shopping Cart
Sell Easier and Sell More


Incentivize your customers to add multiple products to the cart. You can now promote bundles of complementary products, discounts, and coupons that your customers can enter and save on their purchases. Multiply your sales for each transaction.

Sell multiple products in a single transaction – increase your average order value by selling bundles
Promote discounts for bundled purchases – incentivize your customers to buy more from you
Enter coupons – coupon codes get automatically applied when entered
SureCart - Bundles

Future of WordPress E-Commerce

The plugin by itself is already amazing, but the support.. WOW! Really looking forward to spending years on SureCart!

Leo Lauretti

Trusted by Agencies & Store Owners

The Most Reliable E-Commerce Solution

SureCart is Fluent in Many Languages

We don’t let language barriers get in the way of your sales. SureCart speaks many languages and supports translations for your convenience.

Email Notifications

You and your customers get promptly notified about events that matter. Failed payments, orders, or refunds – always know what’s going on. SureCart takes the guesswork out of the equation for you.

Sell Any Product Anywhere

From digital products, downloads, and subscriptions to services – SureCart supports your online store through and through.

Secure Digital File Storage

Store your digital files securely and deliver a unique expiring link to the customers who purchase. We store the files on our servers so your website remains lightning-fast and everything is bulletproof.

SureCart - Most Reliable eCommerce Solution for WordPress
Incentivize Your Customers

Give Out Coupons To Maximize Your Sales

SureCart offers point-and-click-easy ways of adding coupon codes so that you can give out discounts and increase your sales.

Easily create and add the coupon – SureCart makes adding discounts easier than ever
Choose the expiration date – get all the flexibility you need to sell the way you want to
Apply-only-at-first-purchase options – choose when you want to give out discounts and how
Share multiple promotion codes across multiple channels – add multiple discounts to test the waters and increase your earnings
SureCart - Give Coupons to Maximize Sales
Refunding Process Refined

SureCart Makes Refunding Easy

SureCart helps you automate the refund process and make your and your customer’s experiences as smooth as possible. Automate SureCart’s refunds to:

Calculate the amount you want to refund based on conditional logic – automate and streamline refunds and don’t worry about it
Send out a refund confirmation email
Survey customers on how you can improve – data is the new oil! Learn how to sell better. Learn how to sell more.
Revoke customer’s access rights – No freeloaders on оur watch
SureCart - Easy Refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know About SureCart

Level Up Your Online Store

And Increase Your Average Order Value

User Registration

Custom-tailor your user registration forms to leverage them as lead magnets and capture leads. Enable your customers to register for free trials or sign up for memberships.

Seamless Login Functionalities

A built-in login functionality allows your customers to log in to your website, access their dashboard and manage their subscriptions, payment methods, payment plans, and files.

Customer Area

Reduce the administrative burden of eCommerce. and create a customer area where your buyers can access their order history, invoices, and receipts, or manage payment methods.

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Start Selling With SureCart Today

Start for Free – No Credit Card Required

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses
Trusted by Thousands of Businesses
Start for Free. No Credit Card Required
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