June 2, 2023

SureCart 2: Build Any Type Of Ecommerce Store 🔥

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2, which brings product and shop pages to all SureCart users.


  • New: Customizable product pages.
  • New: Customizable shop page.
  • New: Elementor product page customization.
  • New: Customer background sync for imported customers.
  • New: SEO metadata and product schema integration.


  • Improvement: Don’t show price decimal places if price is whole number.
  • Improvement: Update component dependencies.
May 3, 2023

Physical Product Support Timeline

Here is our timeline for supporting physical products.

We have discussed this in multiple conversations, but I want to have a dedicated post on it, so we are all on the same page.

This is our “projected” timeline.

May 2023

  • We released product image galleries 2 days ago
  • We are releasing the menu cart in 1 – 2 weeks
  • We are releasing product pages and shop page by the end of the month

June 2023

  • We are releasing shipping charges ( this is done, but we are working on the UI )

July 2023

  • We are releasing product variations

All of these timelines are subject to delays, but we are pretty confident in them because we have been working on this all year.

Along with this we are working on WooCommerce migrations, including WooCommerce Subscriptions. This is part of a bigger project we are working on that will cover more than just WooCommerce migrations.

May 1, 2023

Product Image Galleries, URL Parameters & More…

We are pleased to announce SureCart v1.10 which brings us closer to releasing product pages.

Introducing Product Image Galleries

Prior, you could add one image per product, but this update changes that.

Now you can add multiple images to each product and they will be displayed in an elegant image gallerie. You can see this today on Instant Checkout pages, and later this month in product pages.

Introducing URL Parameters

URL parameters are data you can add to a checkout URL to prefill in data on the checkout form. It’s a way to make completing a checkout faster for your buyers.

The most common use of this would be when you are sending a promotional email to your buyers. You already know thier name and email address, so why not prefill this data out for them when they visit the checkout page? It’s easy.

We have a doc that fully covers this with examples.

Introducing Subscription Pausing

SureCart has always offered more capable subscription management. We are taking it further with subscription pausing.

When selling subscriptions, your subscribers will have different needs and requests regarding their subscriptions. One of those will be to pause their subscription for a period of time. For example, if they are going out of town for a few months, and want to pause the subscription vs cancel it.

With other ecommerce tools, this is not an option, but with SureCart we give our merchants the tools to manage subscriptions to prevent cancelations.


  • New: Multiple product images.
  • New: Instant checkout product images slideshow.
  • New: Phone number block for checkout.
  • New: Pre-populate name and email fields from url parameters.


  • Improvement: Subscription pausing UX in merchant admin.
  • Improvement: Option to disable individual abandoned checkout emails.
  • Improvement: Ability to turn on/off abandoned checkouts in test mode.
March 31, 2023

New Customer Area & PayPal Subscriptions For Everyone 🔥

We are pleased to announce SureCart v1.9 which brings some massive new things to all SureCart users.

This update brings 2 huge new features.

New Customer Area Experience

SureCart has always strived to make your ecommerce life easy, and this new customer area experience is a huge improvement. Now every SureCart powered website will have an elegant, yet customizable, customer area, regardless of the theme or page builder that you are using.

PayPal Subscriptions For Everyone

All SureCart users have been able to sell subscriptions and installment plans, but PayPal requires you to have reference transactions enabled on your PayPal account. Other processors like Stripe and Mollie don’t have this requirement.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get reference transactions enabled if you are not in the US or EU.

But this is no longer the case for smart merchants that have chosen SureCart for their ecommerce! Because SureCart is platform based, we were able to get the platform approved, so all merchants using the SureCart platform can start selling subscriptions and installment plans now.


  • New: Paypal subscriptions enabled for all connected PayPal accounts.
  • New: Default customer dashboard template.


  • Fix: Issue with Elementor when no forms are published.
  • Fix: Issue with Elementor not loading when all forms are unpublished.
  • Fix: Invalid URL error notice on Elementor editor.
March 22, 2023

Instant Checkout Pages Are Here 🔥

Selling your products and services will never be the same again. Instant Checkout is for merchants that want instant results!

Say goodbye to having to make lots of design decisions, which gets in the way of selling. And say hello to Instant Checkout, the most beautiful way to present and sell your products, with no effort on your part.

While the main highlight is the Instant Checkout pages, this update also brings the ability to offer paid trials and add setup fees to your pricing plans.

...See More
February 28, 2023

Version 1.7.0

We are back with another huge update for you 🎉!

When making an announcement video to go over everything, we decided to also reveal the game-changing new feature that will be in our next update.


  • New: Mollie processor (Beta).
  • New: Revoke subscription purchases.
  • New: Ability to cancel manual orders.
  • New: Allow external URLs in downloads.
  • New: The ability to delete a customer on the merchant customer page.
  • New: Add grace period to abandoned checkouts.
  • New: Ignore purchased products setting for abandoned checkouts.


  • Improvement: Checkouts now show a confirmation modal before the thank you page.
  • Improvement: Update payment plan wording to be more clear about number of payments.
  • Improvement: RTL improvements.
  • Improvement: Tax ID Input field – allow labels to be editable.
  • Improvement: Stripe Payment Element now will inherit name, address, email fields for payment types that require it.
  • Improvement: Product/Price/Customer select dropdowns now paginate.
  • Improvement: Prevent cart posts from being misconfigured.
  • Improvement: Prevent “Store Checkout” forms and pages from being misconfigured.
  • Improvement: Customers can update their subscriptions to a default payment method when they switch default payment methods.


  • Fix: Block names not being translated.
  • Fix: Product restrictions on coupon page not showing prices until subsequent load.
February 10, 2023

Version 1.6.0


  • New: Conditional form areas.
  • New: Default checkout page design.
  • New: French, Spanish and German languages in plugin UI.
  • New: Form error display block to customize where form errors will display.


  • Improvement: Form focus animation improvements.
  • Improvement: Order summary collapse animation improvements.
  • Improvement: Display order bump discounts next to their line items.
  • Improvement: Inner layout options for column block.
  • Improvement: Responsive options for our columns block.
  • Improvement: Display character limit on textarea input for checkout forms.
  • Improvement: Allow recurring referrals with AffiliateWP.


  • Fix: Removing subscription line item on checkout sometimes causing payment block styling issues.
January 29, 2023

Conditional Checkout Forms Preview

We are very close to releasing our first version of conditional forms.

The way it works is, you place a conditional container in your forms, and then place the checkout components that you want to show or hide based on some condition.

This feature will be available in all of our premium plans and will enable you to make better checkout forms that will increase conversions and make your life as a merchant much easier.

We may have a beta this week. But here is a glimpse, so you can think through how you will use it in your business.

A tremendous amount of effort went into this feature. We have been working on it since November. The challenge is not the code, it’s the design and experience we give our users. It must be the best you have ever experienced, so it usually has to go multiple rounds with our UI/UX team to get perfect.

January 11, 2023

Version 1.5.0

Subscription Saver Is Here 🔥

It’s so easy! It’s so genius!

Simply put: SureCart merchants make more money!

And this is just the beginning!

But there is much more to this update; it brings many new features to enable our merchants to make more money with their stores.


  • New: Subscription saver for Pro and Business plans
  • New: Manual tax registrations.
  • New: Option to turn off emails for free orders.
  • New: Option to revoke purchases immediately when orders become past due.
  • New: Disable “Powered By Surecart” footers for Premium users.


  • Improvement: Add “Fallback Tax” setting for merchants wanting to have a fallback tax for their store.
  • Improvement: Add български (Bŭlgarski), 日本 (Nihon) Polski, Português – Brasil languages.
  • Improvement: Add the ability to revoke purchases when refunding a charge.
  • Improvement: Add expandable details to customer dashboard subscriptions view (quantity, discounts, etc.).
  • Improvement: Reword Order Bump “Auto Apply Discount” functionality.
  • Improvement: Change order “Metadata” wording in admin to “Additional Order Data”.
  • Improvement: Add Facebook group link in readme.
  • Improvement: Add timestamp to API requests to increase compatibility with plugins that cache the WordPress REST API.
  • Improvement: Update subscription list table status to include if the subscription will cancel as well as the date.
  • Improvement: Allow updating subscription payment method, even for canceled subscriptions.


  • Fix: Subscriptions not showing discount on Merchant admin for upcoming period preview.
  • Fix: Address display formatting issues on customer dashboard.
  • Fix: Issues where links were to instead of
January 6, 2023

Version 1.4.1

This update has a much-requested enhancement for merchants switching from other ecommerce platforms. You can now set the starting invoice number to keep the sequence from your old system.


  • New: Choose the start of your order numbers if using sequential order numbers.


  • Fix: Issue with order summary not loading if no Stripe processors are enabled.