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Give Your Customers More Ways To Pay

SureCart Makes Ordering From You Easy and Pleasing

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All The Payment Flexibility That They Need to Place the Order

Remove All Hurdles From Your Buyer’s Way

One Time Purchases

Enable your buyers to make a single payment and gain access to your product forever.


Allow your customers to buy from you in multiple installments even if they don’t have the money right now.


Recurring monthly billing allows customers to easily change their payment plans.

Planned 2024
Everyone Can Place The Order

Purchase Power Parity (Upcoming Feature)

Level the playing field and adapt prices to your customers’ purchasing capacity. Instead of excluding whole countries from purchasing your pricy product, display different prices to different parts of the world so that more people can place the order.

SureCart - Purchase Power Parity
Planned 2024
We Convert the Currency For You

Multi-Currency (Upcoming Feature)

Don’t lose customers over currency conversions and complex calculus. Confused customer doesn’t buy. That’s why SureCart offers much-needed clarity that boosts your sales.

Make it easy for your buyers to calculate the expenses in their local currency and help them make the right decision.

SureCart - Multi Currency

Seriously changing the game!

“Already in its free version, SureCart is one of the game-changing plug-ins of today! It gives you the ability to sell products in one-time payments, subscriptions, payment plans, etc. and the paid version gives you all the marketing tools you need to really max your profit! Also the team behind it is one of the most reliable teams in the WordPress world. 5 stars and I know it just gonna be better and better. I see a bright future for SureCart and it’s user base.”

Ronner Urbina

Unparalleled Payment Flexibility

Multiple Payment Methods & Processors

Increase sales by giving your customers the freedom to choose.
Stripe (13+ Payments Methods in 135+ Currencies in 45+ Countries), PayPal, Mollie, GooglePay, ApplePay, you name it.

Express Payments

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe make it easier for your customers to complete the purchase in a single click – without filling in their data.

Manual Payments

Allow your customers to make offline payments at the time of pickup. Make purchasing your products easier and increase your sales.

Pay What You Want

Allow your customers to name their own price and input the amount they want to pay.


Offer different boxes that your customers can check and select the amount they want to donate.

SureCart - Muliple Payment Methods
The Right Offer at the Right Time

Smart Coupons

Offer the exact discount that you want to give to certain types of customers. Configure special coupons for certain types of buyers or subscriptions. Add the discount to the URL so that it gets automatically applied when clicked.  Choose when and how many times the discount will apply.

SureCart - Smart Coupons
Sell Across the Globe

We’re Constantly Adding New Gateways

SureCart is all about extending your reach and conquering new markets. We enable you to sell outside of US and Europe, with Paystack (Africa), Razorpay (India), and many other gateways that make your online store accessible to all parts of the world.

SureCart - Payment Gateways

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Start Selling With SureCart Today

Start for Free – No Credit Card Required

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses
Trusted by Thousands of Businesses
Start for Free. No Credit Card Required
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