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Custom Checkout Form & Page in SureCart

When shopping online, after clicking on the buy button of your desired product, you’re directed to a crucial page: the checkout page. This is where you input your details and finalize your purchases, making it an integral part of the online shopping journey.

This same checkout page is called Checkout Form in SureCart.

Wondering how to create a Checkout form & Page in SureCart? Our guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Just follow the steps in the guide, and soon you’ll be able to easily create a checkout form & page on your website.

What is SureCart’s Default Checkout Form and Page

Generally, checkout pages have two types: one-page and multi-page (multi-steps). Big stores like Amazon use a one-page checkout. It’s quick and straightforward.

Similarly, SureCart uses one-page type checkout forms.

When you install SureCart on your website, SureCart automatically generates the default checkout form and adds it to one of the pages.

If you want to access the default Checkout form, simply click find the form called Checkout – Store Checkout.

Under Pages, you will find SureCart’s default Checkout page called Checkout – Store Checkout. This is where the Checkout form is inserted.

This default checkout page will appear when your customer adds a product to their cart and clicks the checkout button to make the purchase.

If you want to create your checkout page to select the products you want to sell and share it with your customers so they can buy the products directly, you’ll need to create a custom checkout page and form. Please, check the guide “How to Add a New Checkout Form” on how to do that.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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