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How to collect tax ID/VAT numbers from your customers

To collect a tax ID/VAT number from your customers, navigate to SureCart > Forms and select the form you wish to edit. Then, add a “VAT or Tax ID Input” field to your form”. You can control where you want this form field to appear.

SureCart_Collect tax ID/VAT from customers
Adding a Tax ID or VAT Input

Changing VAT behavior

To change VAT behavior navigate to SureCart > Settings > Tax. Be sure that “Tax Collection” is turned on. Please enable any necessary settings:

SureCart_Change VAT behaviour

Require VAT Number
This will require the VAT field be required on all forms. It will also automatically add a VAT field to your form if you have not already added one

Local Reverse Charge
By default, reverse charge will not apply when customers are in your home country. However, you can apply a reverse charge when a customer is in your home country by enabling this setting.

VAT Number Verification Failure
By default SureCart will validate an EU vat number EU VAT Number Validation API, which takes data from VIES. If it matches, a VAT exemption is done automatically. If it fails to validate, the user sees an error. Sometimes a user can have a valid VAT number in their home country, but not registered through VIES. This will also make validation fail. You can change this behanvior

  • Reject the order and show an error
  • Accept the order but don’t apply reverse charge (don’t remove VAT)
  • Accept the order and remove VAT as normal (remove VAT)


If a customer properly adds their tax ID/VAT number during checkout, it will appear on the invoice automatically.

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