How To Tweak SureCart Checkout Forms To Boost Customer Experience

How to tweak surecart checkout forms to boost the customer experience

So you have done a great job and attracted a lot of potential customers to your product page.

What happens next depends upon a number of factors. One of the primary elements to take care of is a smooth shopping cart experience.

A simple but highly interactive shopping cart provides a smooth path to conversion, which is what every store needs.

In particular, customers should be able to order multiple quantities of a product or remove items conveniently without leaving the page.

This is a small but highly effective trick to increase the chances of sales.

Combined with free shipping incentives for ordering higher quantities of a product, this is a great way to increase sales.

The default SureCart setup doesn’t have this feature, so we are going to show you how to add them.

We will also show you how you can edit every element of your cart to give it the look you want.

Want to see SureCart and this feature in action?

How To Edit Cart Options in SureCart

SureCart can help make every checkout page a unique shopping experience. That’s just one of the many reasons it’s so popular.

For this tutorial, we’ll edit the shopping cart inside the default checkout page.

The idea is to add the ability for customers to change product quantities from within the checkout page.

If they can do it within the checkout page, there is less reason to leave and more reason to complete the purchase.

Which means more profit for you!

By changing a couple of simple settings on the checkout page, you can enable customers to change product quantities from the page or remove them.

It’s a small change that could have a significant impact on conversion.

default checkout form

Open the default checkout page in edit mode by accessing it from Pages > All Pages inside WP admin.

Click on the List View icon and expand the checkout form elements. These are the elements that make up the checkout form.

If you select an element from the menu on the left, you’ll see the corresponding block highlighted in the center.

This makes it easy to see exactly what changes you are making and where.

default checkout form list view

Click on Totals and you will see two things: cart elements and their attributes.

You can click on each element on the left and change its attribute value in the right panel.

cart elements and attributes

You can control how your cart should look by changing the value of attributes Collapsible and Collapsed By Default.

This will tell the page to either display the contents on the form or use a collapsible block where the user has to select it to see what’s there.

collapsible cart settings

Next, click on sub-element Line Items under Totals and enable the Removable and Editable attributes from the right panel.

Once done, press the Update button in the top menu.

removable and editable attributes

Open the checkout form again and you should now be able to change the quantities of items in your cart.

You can also remove specific products from the cart by clicking on the X icon.

customer review of editable cart

The cart customization allows customers to change their choices anywhere on your website.

click on cart icon on product page

For example, they can invoke the cart anytime while browsing your store and update the buying options similar to what we did earlier.

edit cart

SureCart allows you to change the attributes of all the elements that make up your cart. This way you can shape shopping carts the way you want to improve customer experience.

Final thoughts

Being able to change product quantities may seem like a small thing, but it’s all about customer convenience.

The easier you make it to increase quantities, the more likely a customer is to do it.

Combine with other eCommerce tricks like minimum order values in return for free shipping, and you give the customer a reason to increase item volume.

The tutorial shows you an easy way to edit the shopping cart on your website without touching a line of code.

We are excited to know what you are up to!

What kind of eCommerce website are you building? Is it a single-product site, or do you plan to sell multiple products?

Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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