10 Christmas Marketing Campaigns You Need to See (2023)

10 Christmas Marketing Campaigns You Need to See

The festive season is upon us, and for businesses — particularly those in the eCommerce sector — this time of year holds a special kind of magic.

Christmas marketing isn’t just about selling products. It’s about creating an experience that resonates with the spirit of the season.

As we gear up for Christmas 2023, it’s vital to understand just how significant this period is for retailers and consumers alike.

Why Christmas Marketing Matters in eCommerce

Christmas (and the weeks leading up to it) marks a peak shopping season that can make or break the annual performance of retailers.

Last year, holiday retail sales reached an astounding $943-$960 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

This highlights the immense potential of the holiday period for businesses​​.

This year, with a projected increase of 2.5% in holiday online sales in the US alone, the stakes are higher, and the opportunities are richer​​.

As we approach Christmas 2023, the eCommerce sector is brimming with innovative trends. From voice-activated shopping assistants to virtual reality try-on experiences, the market is embracing technology like never before.

Innovation promises not just convenience but an enhanced shopping experience that’s both personalized and exciting​​.

Brands are increasingly using artificial intelligence to offer custom recommendations, ensuring that shoppers find the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

And with a rise of conscious consumerism, eco-friendly packaging and sustainable shipping options are becoming more prevalent. This shift towards sustainability is not just a trend but a reflection of our evolving values.

All of that is to say, as we inch closer to Christmas 2023, it’s essential for retailers to stay ahead of the curve by adopting emerging trends into their end-of-year marketing strategies.

By doing so, they can boost their sales but also provide memorable shopping experiences that keep customers coming back.

Before we take a look at some stand-out Christmas marketing campaigns, let’s first look at the key aspects that separate average Christmas promo ideas from those that make a lasting impression.

Qualities of an Effective Christmas Marketing Campaign

Creating an effective Christmas marketing campaign is a blend of art and science. It’s about capturing the essence of the festive season while ensuring your brand stands out in the holiday rush.

Let’s explore the qualities that make a Christmas marketing campaign not just good, but great!

Has Emotional Appeal

Christmas is a time of emotion and tradition. Successful campaigns connect with these feelings, creating a sense of nostalgia, joy, or warmth.

For instance, storytelling is a powerful tool here, as seen in the heart-warming Christmas ads by John Lewis.

Their campaigns, often featuring emotive narratives set to moving soundtracks, have become a cultural phenomenon. This approach taps into our subconscious, allowing us to connect with the brand on a deeper level​​.

Directly Related to Your Brand

Your campaign should be a natural extension of your brand.

Coca-Cola, for example, has a century-long association with Christmas, even contributing to the popular image of Santa Claus.

Their campaigns are so ingrained in the holiday tradition that they’ve become an iconic part of the Christmas experience​​.

Has a Clear Message

Clarity is key. Your campaign should convey a clear and straightforward message that resonates with your audience.

Whether it’s a call to action, a special offer, or a heartwarming story, the message should be unmistakable and memorable.


A multi-channel approach ensures your campaign reaches a wide audience. Utilize various platforms – from social media and email to your website – to create a cohesive and omnipresent campaign.

This integration allows you to pull in customers from different channels, maximizing your campaign’s reach and effectiveness​​.

Includes Offers, Discounts, or Deals

Offers and discounts are powerful incentives, especially during the holiday season. A significant 72% of customers look for discounts and coupons from brands when making purchasing decisions.

Offering special discounts or exclusive deals can be a major draw for customers, who often have budget constraints during this expensive time of year​​.

Up-to-Date Checkout Process

The customer experience doesn’t end with browsing or selection. It extends to the checkout process.

An outdated or cumbersome checkout can frustrate customers and lead to abandoned carts. An up-to-date, smooth, and user-friendly checkout process is a must.

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10 Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas To Inspire in 2023

As we dive into our list of imaginative and effective Christmas marketing campaigns, let’s begin with an innovative idea from Casper, aptly named “Escape to Slumberland.”

1. Casper

Casper ad example

Casper’s collaboration with Netflix’s ‘Slumberland’ is a must-see example of a creative and engaging marketing campaign. This collaboration celebrated the premiere of Slumberland, a film about a magical and mysterious universe where all our dreams exist when we sleep.

Casper and Netflix created the world’s largest slumber party for families, integrating the themes of relaxation and escapism into their campaign.

Participants could tune in to the movie’s premiere on Netflix and share their slumber party setups on Instagram. There are also specific hashtags for a chance to win Casper products and Netflix subscriptions​​​​.

This campaign is an excellent illustration of leveraging partnerships and current cultural phenomena (like a highly anticipated Netflix movie) to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

It’s a clever way of linking the brand’s core offerings — comfortable mattresses and sleepwear — with the escapist and dreamlike themes of the movie​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yourschristmas marketing campaign ideas

Even if you don’t have the resources for such an elaborate campaign, there are key takeaways that can inspire your marketing efforts:

  • Leverage current trends and partnerships: Align your campaign with current trends or popular events. Collaborations with brands or influencers that share a similar audience can amplify your reach.
  • Emotional connection: Focus on creating an emotional connection with your audience. Casper’s campaign tapped into the need for relaxation and escape during the hectic holiday season.
  • Interactive and engaging: Make your campaign interactive. Encouraging customers to participate in a unique way (like sharing a themed photo) can increase engagement and create memorable experiences.
  • Solve a problem: Address a common problem or need during the holiday season, and position your product or service as the solution.

2. Macy’s

Macys black friday special marketing

Macy’s holiday marketing campaign for 2023 is a heartwarming example of how a brand can intertwine its marketing efforts with a strong social purpose.

Macy’s partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), focusing on youth empowerment. The campaign, part of Macy’s social purpose platform “Mission Every One,” involved in-store and online donation drives to support BBBS.

This initiative demonstrates Macy’s commitment to mentorship and creating opportunities for young people, embodying the spirit of giving back during the holidays​​.

A highlight of the campaign was the involvement of BBBS “Bigs” and “Littles” in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Select pairs participated in the parade, performing on the Macy’s Singing Christmas Tree float.

This unique experience showcased Macy’s commitment to mentorship. It also provided a platform for these individuals to shine in a high-profile event, making the campaign memorable and meaningful​​.

Macy’s also launched an exclusive collection of holiday-themed products, with designs created by BBBS “Littles.” This aspect of the campaign offered customers a tangible connection to the cause, with 50% of the proceeds from these products supporting BBBS.

Such a product line leverages the commercial aspect of the holiday season to further a charitable cause. It’s a win-win situation for the company and the nonprofit​​.

Macy’s commitment to youth empowerment extends throughout the year as well, with various activities promoting self-discovery and learning.

From leadership sessions with Macy’s senior executives to local store events like “Macy’s Little Breakfasts,” the campaign fosters a culture of mentorship and empowerment.

This approach not only serves a charitable purpose but also strengthens Macy’s brand image as a company that cares about community and social impact​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

Macy’s campaign offers several insights for your own marketing strategies:

  • Integrate social causes into eCommerce platforms: Just as Macy’s combined commercial and charitable goals, your eCommerce site can feature products that support social causes, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.
  • Create exclusive online collections for causes: Develop your own special online collections where sales contribute to social initiatives.
  • Leverage eCommerce for year-round social impact: Extend your social purpose initiatives beyond the holiday season. Use your store to promote ongoing activities and partnerships.
  • Use eCommerce to promote community involvement: Engage your online community in social causes. Create online events or social media campaigns that highlight community participation and social responsibility.

3. Smirnoff


Smirnoff, in collaboration with Diageo, launched a global responsible drinking campaign for the holiday season. The initiative is centered around encouraging responsible alcohol consumption during a time traditionally associated with parties and celebrations.

The campaign’s focus is on promoting moderation and the importance of making smart choices while enjoying festive gatherings.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Highlight social responsibility in eCommerce messaging: Use your online store to promote social responsibility. Smirnoff’s campaign could inspire an eCommerce strategy that integrates messages of moderation and responsible consumption.
  • Seasonal relevance in online content: Tailor your content to align with seasonal themes while reinforcing your core brand message. For instance, holiday-themed blogs or social media posts that relate directly to the holidays.
  • Educational and engaging online experiences: Create educational content on your website, such as informative articles or interactive quizzes.
  • Global outreach through eCommerce channels: Use your store to reach a global audience with messages that resonate universally.

4. Cadbury

Cadbury's Secret Santa Postal Service campaign

Cadbury’s “Secret Santa Postal Service” campaign, acclaimed as one of the most effective festive ads of 2022, offers a blend of traditional holiday warmth and effective brand marketing.

The campaign involved giving away 120,000 bars of chocolate in the lead-up to Christmas.

The 30-second ad spot featured the Cadbury postman explaining how viewers can secretly send a bar of Cadbury chocolate to a friend or family member. This fosters a sense of mystery and joy associated with the act of giving​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Foster emotional engagement: Cadbury’s campaign was praised for its all-around performance, notably for building brand difference and engaging consumers emotionally. It’s essential to create ads and Christmas marketing campaign ideas that resonate on an emotional level, especially during the festive season​​​​.
  • Encourage interactive participation: The Secret Santa initiative encourages audience participation, making the campaign more personal. This strategy can be replicated in eCommerce by creating campaigns that prompt customers to engage actively, such as through gift-giving or personalized recommendations.
  • Highlight brand uniqueness: Cadbury’s focus on brand differentiation was key. In a crowded market, highlighting what makes your brand unique is especially important during economically tight times​​​​.
  • Tap into the festive spirit of giving: Cadbury successfully tapped into the holiday mood by focusing on the theme of giving. Their approach of encouraging giving among friends and family, and also from the brand to its customers, struck the right chord.
  • Leverage nostalgia and tradition: The use of a traditional postal service and the Secret Santa concept brings in a sense of nostalgia, an effective tool during the holidays. You can utilize similar strategies for your online store. Invoke traditional holiday elements by creating a Christmas landing page, rolling out seasonal products, and doing holiday-inspired photoshoots.


lego marketing campaign

For the 2023 holiday season, LEGO introduced an innovative augmented reality (AR) experience in its flagship stores in New York and London.

This rollout, part of the “Play Is a Superpower” campaign, allowed visitors to engage in a virtual snowball fight, enhancing the traditional shopping experience with a fun, interactive element.

Participants could earn points by hitting digital targets with virtual LEGO snowballs. Scores were displayed on a live leaderboard, which created a sense of competition and community among shoppers​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Incorporate interactive experiences: Like LEGO’s AR snowball fight, consider integrating interactive elements into your eCommerce website. This could be in the form of virtual product try-ons, interactive product demos, or gamified elements that make the shopping experience more engaging and memorable.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology: LEGO’s use of AR showcases the potential of emerging tech in enhancing customer experience. eCommerce sites can use AR, VR, or AI to provide unique, immersive experiences that stand out.
  • Create a sense of community and competition: The live leaderboard in LEGO’s campaign created a sense of community and friendly competition. You could replicate this by incorporating community-driven features or competitive elements like leaderboards and rewards for customer interactions.
  • Extend physical experiences online: LEGO’s AR experience primarily occurred in physical stores, but similar concepts can be used online. For instance, live-streamed events or interactive online sessions can engage customers who prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes.

6. The Body Shop

the body shop marketing discount

The Body Shop’s “Advent of Change” campaign, held in Toronto’s Union Station, was an immersive pop-up experience. It transformed traditional holiday shopping into a meaningful and interactive journey.

The pop-up, resembling a giant advent calendar, offered shoppers a unique way to learn about the brand’s Community Fair Trade program and connect with the stories behind the products.

Each day, shoppers could engage with the interactive advent calendar for product giveaways and exclusive offers. This enhanced the festive spirit and emphasized the brand’s commitment to positive change​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Create interactive online experiences: Inspired by the pop-up’s interactive advent calendar, design engaging online experiences such as daily reveals, special offers, or product giveaways.
  • Storytelling in eCommerce: Just like the ‘Stories of Change’ wall, use your online store to tell the stories behind your products, connecting customers with the artisans or origins.
  • Highlight social responsibility: Emphasize your brand’s commitment to social and ethical practices. The Body Shop’s focus on fair trade and giving back can be mirrored online by showing how purchases contribute to positive social impact​​.
  • Leverage limited-edition seasonal products: The Body Shop’s advent calendars and seasonal ranges like “Cherries and Cheer” and “Pears and Share” can inspire similar limited-time offers on your online shop​​.
  • Incorporate charitable aspects into sales: Align your sales with a cause, similar to how The Body Shop’s campaign focused on giving back. This could be through donations per sale, supporting community initiatives, or collaborating with charitable organizations.

7. Mulberry

Mulberry's 2023 festive campaign

Mulberry’s 2023 festive campaign, known for its heritage and luxury, adopted a humorous approach, starring Alek Wek and other characters.

Shot by filmmaker Bunny Kinney, the campaign encapsulated the holiday spirit with dry British wit and satire, showcasing their new Lana and Pimlico styles.

The campaign also introduced Mulberry’s second lifestyle collection, emphasizing unity and community, featuring handmade ceramics and other items.

Additionally, Mulberry supported The Felix Project, a charity focused on redistributing surplus food, as part of its festive programming​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Inject humor into your campaigns: Mulberry’s use of humor can inspire your own Christmas marketing campaigns. Adopt a light-hearted, engaging approach during the holiday season — in both design and copywriting.
  • Showcase product stories: Use your store to tell the stories behind your products, focusing on craftsmanship, design, and uniqueness.
  • Emphasize community and unity: Draw inspiration from Mulberry’s emphasis on community and unity. Your Christmas marketing campaign ideas can involve community-driven efforts, such as customer stories or supporting local artists or creators.
  • Combine commerce with charity: Consider integrating charitable causes into your sales, such as donating a portion of holiday sales to charity or partnering with nonprofits.
  • Engage customers with interactive elements: Incorporate interactive elements like contests, live discussions, or product quizzes to increase customer engagement​​.
  • Update your website for the season: Consider revamping your eCommerce site with seasonal themes, special offers, or exclusive holiday collections. A Christmas landing page can do a lot of heavy lifting to entice potential customers.

8. Detour Coffee

detour holiday campaign example

Detour Coffee Roasters embraced the holiday spirit with a range of seasonal promotions, deals, and discounts.

Their holiday campaign included offering 25% off all coffees and subscriptions. They also offered free shipping, to encourage customers to indulge during the festive season​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Seasonal discounts and offers: Like Detour Coffee’s 25% discount, consider implementing seasonal discounts on your eCommerce site to attract customers. Promotions can increase sales volume and attract new customers looking for holiday deals.
  • Curated holiday collections: Detour Coffee featured a “Holiday Favourites Tasting Pack”, including a special Holiday Blend and Espresso. This strategy of offering curated, seasonal products can appeal to customers seeking unique holiday gifts or personal indulgences​​.
  • Diverse product range for gifting: The inclusion of items like holiday mugs, soft dad hats, and Bouncy Castle Instant Coffee caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Offering a diverse product range can attract a broader audience and cater to different gifting needs during the holidays​​.
  • Subscription services as gifts: The Coffee Club subscription, pairing exclusive coffees with a curated zine, is an innovative gifting idea. Subscription services can be a unique offering on your store, providing a gift that keeps on giving beyond the holiday season​​.
  • Last-minute gifting options: Recognizing that some customers shop at the last minute, Detour Coffee provides options like gift subscriptions and online gift cards. Offering last-minute gifting solutions can capture additional sales and provide convenience to your customers​​.

9. Numpfer

numpfer website

Numpfer, known for its organic baby essentials, often features promotions and deals, particularly during the holiday season. Its website reveals a focus on user-friendly design and customer convenience.

One notable feature is their gift-wrapping offer. It adds a personal and festive touch to the purchases, making it easier for customers to send gifts directly to their loved ones.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  1. Simplify gift-giving with added services: Numpfer’s gift-wrapping option can inspire your eCommerce site to offer similar services. This not only saves time for customers but also makes the unboxing experience more special for the recipient.
  2. User-friendly website design: A well-designed Christmas landing page that highlights holiday deals, featured products, or special services can significantly enhance the customer experience. Ensure your website is easy to navigate and visually appealing, especially during the festive season.
  3. Emphasize convenience and personalization: Focus on making the shopping experience as convenient and personalized as possible. Features like gift wrapping, personalized messages, or gift guides can make a big difference.
  4. Highlight organic and sustainable products: If your brand offers eco-friendly or organic products like Numpfer, the holiday season is a great time to emphasize these attributes. Customers are increasingly looking for sustainable and ethical options, especially when it comes to gifts.
  5. Create a festive atmosphere online: Creating a festive atmosphere on your site with holiday-themed visuals and messaging can entice customers and enhance their shopping experience.

10. Loog Guitars

Loog Guitars holiday campaign

Loog Guitars’ holiday campaign for 2023 capitalizes on the festive spirit with special Black Friday deals and holiday gift guides.

The campaign is designed to appeal to young music enthusiasts, offering curated gift options for “mini rockstars.”

This strategy of tapping into the holiday shopping frenzy with targeted discounts and thoughtfully selected products caters to the brand’s niche market effectively​​.

How This Campaign Can Inspire Yours

  • Curated holiday gift guides: Like Loog Guitars, create holiday-themed gift guides for your online store. These guides can simplify the shopping process for customers by categorizing products based on interests, age groups, or other relevant themes.
  • Special holiday discounts: Incorporate Black Friday or holiday season discounts into your marketing strategy. This approach can drive traffic to your site and increase sales during the competitive holiday shopping season.
  • Targeted marketing for niche audiences: Loog Guitars focuses on young music enthusiasts, which can inspire targeted marketing tactics for your niche audience. Identify your core customer base and tailor your holiday campaigns to their specific interests and needs.
  • Engaging landing page design: Consider creating a landing page for the holiday season with festive designs and straightforward navigation to holiday deals, much like Loog Guitars’ approach.
  • Leveraging seasonal trends: Align your marketing efforts with seasonal trends and popular shopping days like Black Friday. This alignment ensures that your promotions are timely and relevant, capturing the attention of shoppers looking for the best holiday deals.

Sparking Holiday Magic With Inspired Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas

As we’ve seen from these diverse and creative campaigns, the holiday season offers a unique opportunity for eCommerce brands to connect with customers in meaningful ways.

From Detour Coffee’s seasonal promotions to LEGO’s innovative use of AR technology, each campaign brings its own flavor of festive cheer and marketing savvy.

As you plan your Christmas marketing campaigns, remember to focus on what makes your brand unique, engage with your customers in meaningful ways, and create a shopping experience that resonates with the spirit of the season.

Don’t forget that an exceptional shopping experience needs a seamless checkout process.

For this, SureCart is your go-to solution. Offering a sophisticated, user-friendly, and customizable checkout experience, SureCart can help you elevate your eCommerce game this holiday season.

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