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We Dared To Do E-Commerce Differently And It Paid Off For Everyone

Our Story: Finding a New Way to Sell on WordPress

Hey there — I’m Adam 👋

For the last 15 years as a WordPress evangelist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and experts on the platform

In 2018, I built a product for WooCommerce named CartFlows. Despite its success, I had this overwhelming feeling that something was missing.

E-Commerce had changed so much and I felt that WordPress eCommerce needed to be powered by a new, modern solution for online stores.

I decided to take up the challenge and teamed up with the brightest minds and THE most successful entrepreneurs in the WordPress ecosystem.

My deep connection with the users and hands-on eCommerce experience enabled me to come up with a blueprint for what now is SureCart.

Building SureCart Wasn’t Easy, But It Was Worth It!

However, we didn’t just lean on my personal experience and our intuition. It took us over a year just to research the market and carefully plan the features and the architecture.

We interviewed online store owners and the WordPress community to make sure that our solution hits the mark.

Our aim was set:

We decided to make a modern eCommerce platform that would level the playing field and enable anyone and everyone to easily sell on WordPress. 

Our solution had to be easy to afford, even easier to use and feather-light so that it doesn’t slow the website down. It had to be made for the user, yet still powerful enough for the developer. 

So we got to work. 

We took the risk and sure enough, SureCart paid off. 

We took the game to the next level and made one of the best eCommerce solutions period. But our story doesn’t end there. 

And You Get to Decide How We Continue To Build It

We’re still working hard to go the extra mile and empower our users beyond their wildest dreams. 

My experience with Youtube teaching millions of people how to build websites keeps me in touch with what users need. 

We never lose track of

  • Who our users are
  • What their business goals are
  • What they want to achieve
  • What obstacles they’re facing
  • And how to help them get where they want to get

Instead, we let our customers’ voices steer our future.

That way we make sure to check all the boxes and give you exactly what you need.

And even better than that – we make sure that everything is click-button easy and that it looks sexy and feels smooth.

How’s that for hitting the mark?

Introducing SureCart: The New Way To Sell On WordPress

  • No bloating, no slowing down
  • No coding skills needed 
  • Visual drag-and-drop builder 
  • Simple and powerful checkouts
  • Full customizability 
  • All the payment options you can think of
  • Easily manageable subscription plans
  • Reporting and analytics for your data-driven decisions 
  • All the Integrations you’ll ever need  
  • And so much more

SureCart is the new way to sell on WordPress, decrease churn, increase conversions, increase your AOV, and ultimately boost your revenue.

And most importantly, it doesn’t break the bank.

It is the only platform that is built from the ground up to let you create your ideal online store your way.

We have a modern user interface that is easy to use, and our platform is designed to be lightweight and fast.

Now you too can capitalize by easily selling online.

SureCart makes it simple, easy, and quick for you to launch your online store and grow your sales 📈🙂

Sign up for free today!

Adam Preiser

Co-Founder, SureCart

Our Values


At SureCart, we understand how important reliability is when it comes to running a business. That’s why we strive to make sure that our platform and integrations are well tested and reliable. We want to be the most trusted partner on your eCommerce journey.


We believe that integrating different tools and services should be simple and straightforward, so we have designed our platform to be easy to use. With SureCart, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set breath-taking checkouts and improve conversions.


We are continuously looking for ways to improve our platform and add new features to make sure that our customers have the best experience possible. We want to be the first to bring you the latest and greatest online store functionalities so that you can stay ahead of the competition.


As a pack of perfectionists, we strive for excellence in everything we do.. We believe in always giving our best and exceeding expectations. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our platform and we’re always ready to go that extra mile and enable you to achieve all your goals and more.

Customer Focus

We understand that you are the reason we are here. We take feedback from our customers seriously and use it to make sure that our platform is always improving. Our customers are our top priority and we are committed to meeting all your expectations.

Executive Team



Adam has built some of the most loved software products, powering millions of online businesses. He is the voice of our users at SureCart.

Sujay Pawar


A unique blend of technology, business & marketing, Sujay has repeatedly built innovative products that are market leaders.

Andre Gagnon - SureCart Tech Lead

Andre Gagnon


Andre has a passion for creating powerful tools to help entrepreneurs make a living online. He is also the creator of the popular SureFeedback and Presto Player plugins.

Ben Bartling - SureCart Tech Lead

Ben Bartling


Ben has been developing SaaS products from napkin sketch to scale for over a decade. He’s built products used by everyone from small businesses to some of the world’s largest companies.

And a Passionate Team of Automation Wizards!


Start Selling With SureCart Today

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Start Selling With SureCart Today

Start for Free – No Credit Card Required

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses
Trusted by Thousands of Businesses
Start for Free. No Credit Card Required
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