Team SureCart
September 19, 2023

SureCart 2.7: Introducing Product Collections

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.7, which brings Product Collections to all SureCart stores.

With Product Collection, you can group your products together and beautifully display them on dedicated Product Collection pages. And these pages are fully customizable like all things SureCart.

But the fun doesn’t stop there :-). You can also:

  • Add a collection badge to your product pages
  • Buyers can filter products by collections
  • Add menu links to product collection pages
  • Filter products by collection in the admin


  • New: Product collections – group your products into collections and create collection pages.


  • Improvement: Add shipping and tax address to edit customer page.
  • Improvement: Better error messaging on checkout forms.
  • Improvement: Accessibility improvements to tax id input and line item removal.
  • Improvement: Remove deprecated customer link endpoint.
  • Update: Changed “Void” orders to “Canceled” for better naming.


  • Fix: PHP 8.0 notices on User model.
  • Fix: Keyboard accessibility issue with buy and add to cart buttons. (kudos @anphira)
  • Fix: Keyboard accessibility issue with coupon field on checkout page and cart.  (kudos @anphira)
  • Fix: Hide non-reusable payment methods on subscription pages.
  • Fix: Title/heading block overflowing container on some screen sizes.
Team SureCart
September 11, 2023

SureCart 2.6: Subscription Insights Has Arrived

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.6, which brings a Subscription Insights.

With Subscription Insights, you can at a glance see the most important metrics to your subscription business.

Also, this release brings significant performance improvements and webhook improvements.


  • New: Subscription metrics on merchant dashboard.
  • New: Ability to revoke access when installments are completed.


  • Improvement: Webhooks reliability, performance and failure visibility improvements.
  • Improvement: Performance improvement with columns implementations.
  • Improvement: Rework how processors are handled on the form when multiple credit card processors are enabled.
  • Improvement: Loading speed improvement for admin dashboard pages.
Team SureCart
August 18, 2023

SureCart 2.5: Buy Now For Product Pages, Feature Products, & More

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.5, which brings a Buy Now option to product pages.

Also in this release is the ability to mark products as Featured. This makes it easy to display your featured products anywhere on your website with the product list block.


  • New: Buy now button on product pages.
  • New: Featured products. Mark products as featured and optionally show them on product lists.
  • New: Automatic Google Analytics “Add To Cart” event.


  • Improvement: Improve line items exported parts.
  • Improvement: Summary collapse now has “collapse on mobile” and “collapse on desktop” options.


  • Fix: Instant checkout pages mode changing should recreate a new checkout.
  • Fix: Link in switch element was not clickable on front-end.
  • Fix: Missing “Back to Home” translation not appearing in .pot file.
  • Fix: Change wording of installment price when there is only 1 installment on the subscription.
  • Fix: Issue with some checkout icons inheriting a stroke.
  • Fix: Recaptcha failing on instant checkout pages.
  • Fix: Issue with line items sometimes reordering during quantity change.
  • Fix: Sometimes PayPal errors not being very descriptive.
  • Fix: PHP notices logged when debug mode is turned on in REST Controllers.
  • Fix: Better error handling when default payment method is trying to be deleted.
  • Fix: Removing payment method is now immediately reflected without page reload.
  • Fix: “Update All Subscriptions” button on default payment method was sometimes having permission issues for some users.
  • Fix: Stacking issue of customer dashboard form fields on some pages.
  • Fix: Compatibility with Spectra blocks not loading assets when using form shortcode.
Team SureCart
July 19, 2023

SureCart 2.4: Manual Orders & More Customization Options

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.4, which brings manual orders to SureCart merchants.

This release also beings many improvements and customization options.


  • New: Manual Orders – create orders on behalf of customers from the admin.
  • New: Strong password option. Enforce the creation of strong passwords for customers.


  • Improvement: Product page selected price now shows interval, fees and trials.
  • Improvement: Ability to disable change the secure notice text below the submit button on forms.
  • Improvement: Prevent admin notices on SureCart pages.
  • Improvement: Update library dependencies.
  • Improvement: Added additional security enhancements.
  • Improvement: Add link to migration contact form.


  • Fix: Order bump mobile fixes.
  • Fix: Issue with php8 REMOTE_ADDR notice.
  • Fix: Issue with product modified_date_gmt for use in SEO plugin metadata.
  • Fix: Issue with $0 price amount not being added to cart on product page.
  • Fix: Issue with slide out cart z-index not being high enough for some themes.
  • Fix: PHP notice with form shortcodes and Divi.
  • Fix: Issue with some Spectra blocks not loading inside forms.
  • Fix: Make sure checkout line items are sorted by added at date.
  • Fix: Conflict with Thrive Automator dynamic data not loading.
  • Fix: Issue with custom thank you page link issue with WordPresss 6.3.
  • Fix: Add missing “Back to Home” translation on customer dashboard page.
  • Fix: Issue with shop page not fetching products under certain website caching conditions.
Team SureCart
July 17, 2023

SureCart 2.3: Welcome African Merchants

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.3, which brings Paystack for African merchants.

Paystack makes it easy for businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa to accept secure payments from multiple local and global payment channels. Integrate Paystack with your store today, and let your customers pay you with their choice of methods.

With Paystack for SureCart, you can accept payments via:

  • Credit/Debit Cards — Visa, Mastercard, Verve (NG, GH, KE), American Express (SA only)
  • Bank transfer (Nigeria)
  • Mobile money (Ghana)
  • Masterpass (South Africa)
  • EFT (South Africa)
  • USSD (Nigeria)
  • Visa QR (Nigeria)


  • New: Paystack processor support for African merchants.


  • Improvement: Better notice for how to connect processors on checkout form.
  • Improvement: Hide admin notices during onboarding.


  • Fix: Issue with dashboard date being in UTC time.
  • Fix: Mobile stacking of order bump.
  • Fix: Stripe Payment Element (beta) showing a notice when the amount on the checkout form is 0.
  • Fix: Stripe Payment Element (beta) not loading under certain conditions during free trial with payment required.
  • Fix: Issue with post_modified_gmt and post_date_gmt not accurate for product pages.
  • Fix: PHP notice for PHP 8 if REMOTE_ADDR is not set.
Team SureCart
July 6, 2023

SureCart 2.2: Shipping & Fulfillment Is Here

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.2, which brings product shipping and fulfillment to all SureCart stores.

This is the 2nd of 3 planned releases to bring full physical product support.

For this huge release we have an overview video and individual guide videos to show you how to use these new options.

Guide To Shipping Methods & Rates
Guide To Order Fulfillment


  • New: Shipping and fulfillment support! Add custom shipping rates, location restrictions, tracking and fulfillment.


  • Improvement: Rearrange SureCart settings and combine some sections.
  • Improvement: Improve loading performance of Stripe Payment Element by using deferred payment intents.
  • Fix: Thank you pages that redirect to the homepage being redirected to the blog page instead.
  • Fix: Change button text for media library to account for non-image files.
  • Fix: Validation issue with price input not allowing refunds to be fully refunded.


  • Fix: Thank you pages that redirect to the homepage being redirected to the blog page instead.
  • Fix: Change button text for media library to account for non-image files.
  • Fix: Validation issue with price input not allowing refunds to be fully refunded.
  • Improvement: Improve loading performance of Stripe Payment Element (beta) by using deferred payment intents.
Team SureCart
June 13, 2023

SureCart 2.1: Getting Started Faster

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2.1 which makes getting started with SureCart much easier and faster.

You are now greeted with an onboarding process where you can try SureCart without creating an account, and you can install demo data.


  • New: Better, quicker onboarding for new stores.
  • New: Visit Store link in WordPress admin bar.


  • Improvement: Settings page sticky header.
  • Improvement: Update wording in order bump condition selector.
  • Improvement: Updated translations.
  • Improvement: Make subscription saver description text darker to better comply with accessibility.
  • Improvement: Add filter to skip page and form seeding.


  • Fix: Rename magic sign-in.
  • Fix: Change “Pro” to “Premium”.
  • Fix: Issue with product pages not loading for some servers that don’t have support for NumberFormatter.
  • Fix: Z-index issue with product page header and WordPress menu.
  • Fix: Product pages not showing up in WordPress sitemap.
  • Fix: Firstname, Lastname always being required by default.
  • Fix: Floating cart not enabled by default.
  • Fix: Issue with incomplete store setups not able to make test checkouts.
  • Fix: Decimal point issue on adding prices in newest version of Firefox.
  • Fix: Coupon redemption dates incorrect on admin.
  • Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce permalinks and SureCart permalinks.
  • Fix: Quantity selector missing from line items on instant checkout page.
  • Fix: Display of some zero decimal currencies.
  • Fix: Compare at price cannot be cleared due to Firefox fix in previous version.
  • Fix: Fix conflict with Bricks Builder shop page dropdown width.
  • Fix: Disallow SureCart Products to be selected as menu items as this is not currently supported.
Team SureCart
June 2, 2023

SureCart 2: Build Any Type Of Ecommerce Store 🔥

We are pleased to announce SureCart 2, which brings product and shop pages to all SureCart users.

When we released SureCart last year, it initially didn’t have the options for traditional ecommerce stores out of the box. Our initial users were asking, where is the shop page? Where are the product pages?

We listened, and today we are making this available to all SureCart users.

Since this update brings many new things, we have prepared 3 videos to show you how to get the most out of these new features.

How To Setup & Customize Product Lists
How To Customize WordPress Product Pages
How To Setup & Customize Your WordPress Shopping Cart


  • New: Customizable product pages.
  • New: Customizable shop page.
  • New: Elementor product page customization.
  • New: Customer background sync for imported customers.
  • New: SEO metadata and product schema integration.
  • New: Archive and delete option on upgrade groups.
  • New: Ability to disable purchase/download emails.
  • New: Cancel orders and manually mark orders as paid.


  • Improvement: Don’t show price decimal places if price is whole number.
  • Improvement: Update component dependencies.
  • Improvement: Improved UI when updating subscription price on admin subscription page.
  • Improvement: Rename “Status” to “Product Page” to clarify product status.
  • Improvement: Truncate mobile line items to max of 3 lines.
  • Improvement: Hide product image on line items below certain widths to prevent squishing text.
  • Improvement: Update roles to allow multisite installations to manage their own stores.


  • Fix: Show notice if subscription payoff is not available for store.
  • Fix: Product description bullet points css issue on admin screen.
  • Fix: Coupon overflow issue on mobile when coupon field is expanded by default.
Team SureCart
May 1, 2023

Product Image Galleries, URL Parameters & More…

We are pleased to announce SureCart v1.10 which brings us closer to releasing product pages.

Introducing Product Image Galleries

Prior, you could add one image per product, but this update changes that.

Now you can add multiple images to each product and they will be displayed in an elegant image gallerie. You can see this today on Instant Checkout pages, and later this month in product pages.

Introducing URL Parameters

URL parameters are data you can add to a checkout URL to prefill in data on the checkout form. It’s a way to make completing a checkout faster for your buyers.

The most common use of this would be when you are sending a promotional email to your buyers. You already know thier name and email address, so why not prefill this data out for them when they visit the checkout page? It’s easy.

We have a doc that fully covers this with examples.

Introducing Subscription Pausing

SureCart has always offered more capable subscription management. We are taking it further with subscription pausing.

When selling subscriptions, your subscribers will have different needs and requests regarding their subscriptions. One of those will be to pause their subscription for a period of time. For example, if they are going out of town for a few months, and want to pause the subscription vs cancel it.

With other ecommerce tools, this is not an option, but with SureCart we give our merchants the tools to manage subscriptions to prevent cancelations.


  • New: Multiple product images.
  • New: Instant checkout product images slideshow.
  • New: Phone number block for checkout.
  • New: Pre-populate name and email fields from url parameters.


  • Improvement: Subscription pausing UX in merchant admin.
  • Improvement: Option to disable individual abandoned checkout emails.
  • Improvement: Ability to turn on/off abandoned checkouts in test mode.
Team SureCart
March 31, 2023

New Customer Area & PayPal Subscriptions For Everyone 🔥

We are pleased to announce SureCart v1.9 which brings some massive new things to all SureCart users.

This update brings 2 huge new features.

New Customer Area Experience

SureCart has always strived to make your ecommerce life easy, and this new customer area experience is a huge improvement. Now every SureCart powered website will have an elegant, yet customizable, customer area, regardless of the theme or page builder that you are using.

PayPal Subscriptions For Everyone

All SureCart users have been able to sell subscriptions and installment plans, but PayPal requires you to have reference transactions enabled on your PayPal account. Other processors like Stripe and Mollie don’t have this requirement.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get reference transactions enabled if you are not in the US or EU.

But this is no longer the case for smart merchants that have chosen SureCart for their ecommerce! Because SureCart is platform based, we were able to get the platform approved, so all merchants using the SureCart platform can start selling subscriptions and installment plans now.


  • New: Paypal subscriptions enabled for all connected PayPal accounts.
  • New: Default customer dashboard template.


  • Fix: Issue with Elementor when no forms are published.
  • Fix: Issue with Elementor not loading when all forms are unpublished.
  • Fix: Invalid URL error notice on Elementor editor.