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Abandoned Checkouts

Locating the settings

Step 1: To open the Abandoned Checkout settings, go to the SureCart menu (1), click on Settings (2), and then select Abandoned Checkout (3).

Activating abandoned checkouts

Step 2: In the “Notification Settings” section, click on the Enabled switch (1) to activate the three emails that will be sent.

Step 3: We have three emails (1), (2), and (3) to be sent, and now we need to set the delay for each of them. To change a delay, click on the toggle and select the delay you want. After you’re happy with the selection, click on the “Save” button (4).

Discount Settings

In this section, we will explore how to set up these discount settings effectively to maximize the chances of recovering abandoned carts.

Step 1: Activate the “Abandoned Checkout Discount” by clicking on the switch button (2).

Percentage and Fixed discount

Step 2: Choose the discount type (1). In this example, we selected “Percentage Discount.” Then, set the “Percent Off” of the discount (2) you want to apply to this abandoned checkout.

Discount duration

Step 3: In the “Discount Duration” section (1), you can select between “Forever,” “Once,” and “Repeating.” For this example, we are going to select “Once” (2).

Select the email to which you want to apply the discount

Step 4: We need to select in which email the discount should be sent. To do this, click on the toggle “When should we offer the discount?” (1) and then select the email you want. For this example, we selected “On the final email” (2).

Discount expiry

Step 5: You can set the discount to expire if you want. Expiration is a good way to help increase revenue. You can activate it by clicking on the “Discount Expires” switch (1) and then setting the number of days until expiration (2). After you are happy with your selection, click on the “Save” button (3).

GDPR Settings

In this section, we will explore how to configure GDPR settings to ensure your business complies with regulatory requirements and protects your customers’ data. To configure the GDPR settings, follow the steps below:

Activating GDPR

Step 1: To activate the GDPR settings, click on the “Tracking Confirmation” switch (1).

Personalizing the GDPR message

Step 2: Type the text you want in the “GDPR Message” section (1). Once you are happy, click on the “Save” button (2).

Advanced Settings

To set some advanced coupon settings, follow the steps bellow:

Ignore Purchased Products

Step 1: Click on the “Ignore Purchased Products” switch to activate the option.

Grace period

Step 2: To activate the “Grace Period,” click on the switch (1) and choose the number of days (2) you want to wait before applying the grace period. After your done, click in the “Save” button.

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