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How to add custom CSS to checkout forms

SureCart components use a shadow DOM to encapsulate their styles. This provides a few advantages: There are two ways to make customizations to SureCart components. One way is with CSS custom properties (“CSS variables”), the other is with CSS parts (“parts”). See full documentation with examples: https://docs–

How to create manual payment methods

Manual payment methods are ways that your buyers can pay you outside of SureCart. Some common examples are: With SureCart you can create as many of these manual payment methods that you need, complete with instructions to the buyer. Learn how in this video tutorial.

How to set your store email address

SureCart lets you choose the sender name and reply to email address for all store notifications sent from your store. Simply visit the settings inside the SureCart plugin > click on notifications > and enter the values you want for your store.

Set theme styles for dark mode

When your website has a predominantly dark background, it can be hard to get everything looking right. To make it easy for SureCart users, we have created a dark mode theme that will automatically adjust all the styles for you. The option to switch themes if found in the plugin settings.

Creating Custom Buy Links

While SureCart provides copy/paste buy links when you create your product prices, sometimes will want to create custom purchase buttons that allow your users to purchase a product. You can even specify several different products or prices and the quantities for each. You can accomplish this using URL parameters. Creating The Link Finding the Price …

Creating Custom Buy Links Read More »

Adding a coupon/discount via URL

You can automatically add a discount code to a checkout by adding ?coupon=CODE (where CODE is whatever coupon code you’ve created) to a checkout page. For example to add a coupon code of SPRINGSALE to the page, you can create a link that looks like this:

How to set the default country in address block

Want to set the default country for the address block in your checkout forms? It is very easy to customize all aspects of the address block, including the default country. Simply click on the address block and the option is in the right site plane.

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